Different Methods of Medical Abortion for Different People

Different Methods of Medical Abortion

People often confuse different types of early pregnancy termination with each other.  Aspiration or Surgical abortions, which are two methods of aborting, are widely different from medical one which uses abortion pills to take effect. An Aspiration or invasive procedure requires, doctor to use suction and other tools to remove pregnancy section from the womb.

Medical process requires no tools, anesthesia or anything surgical to terminate the pregnancy, but it can only be done if the timeline is within 10 weeks. Generally, Aspiration or surgical operations have more room to take effect.

What are different types of methods of medicines for medical pregnancy termination?

Generally, medications such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol are well known among people going through abortion. However, there are numerous brands and types of drugs that are just as effective as the ones mentioned above. Some of them include Methotrexate and brands such as Mifeprex,RU486,Mifegyn(Mifepristone) and Cytolog,Cyprostol, Arthrotec, Misotrol (Misoprostol).

What is Methotrexate?

Methotrexate is an anti-metoblic pill that takes effect by interfering with cell growth and DNA synthesis. Not only does it work as an abortion pill but it is also used to treat neoplastic diseases. In addition to that, it also aids in curing rheumatoid arthritis. This FDA approved tablet is available all throughout USA and most parts of the world.

This pill is available in most parts of the world. If not at a clinic you can just buy abortion pill online.

Protocol for Methotrexate

After doctor’s consultation, the woman’s medical history is examined. After series of tests, it can be identified if Methotrexate will work for her. Secondly, a 50 mg tablet will be given orally or intramuscularly. After three to seven days period, misoprostol is self administered vaginally. Then eight to ten days later, the woman must go through a vaginal ultrasound to determine if the procedure was success.

What is Mifepristone?

This is the most known pill that comes under many brands. Mifepristone is also said to be used to induce labor and for infertility treatment, however these usages are nor proved nor recommended. Excluding such uses, it is certified for using as an anti-progesterone tablet used for discontinuing uterine wall that nourishes the embryo.

Where can you get it?

As Mifepristone is one of the most known drugs worldwide, it is accessed by majority of people. Whatever brand it might be, you can buy abortion pills anytime at online pharmacies if you want the convenience of home delivery.

How to use it?

For a pregnancy that has not progressed further 10 weeks, the pill most recommended is Mifepristone. After doctor’s approval, the woman may take 200mg tablet and go on about the day normally.  After one or two days, she may take misoprostol which is used for uterine contraction and expelling the conception parts.

Misoprostol is also used for treating gastric ulcers and used for obstetric / gynecologic indication.


Medical pregnancy termination is one of the safest procedures. Since abortion gets complicated with adding duration of pregnancy, medicine induced aborticide (which takes place within 10 weeks) has an efficiency rate of 95%. In rare cases where some women might be allergic to tablets, some complication may arise. Even then these allergies are treatable.

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