What role does Socioeconomic status play in abortions?

There are many states around the globe where an abortion is a common phenomenon, although, not openly performed the activity. There are a lot of women who buy abortion pills online because buying it in the local stores makes them face judgemental eyes of the society. Also, taking the financial constraints into consideration buying abortion pills online seems a convenient option. We’ll see how the socio-economic factors impact the abortion decisions of women. There are many states where laws to get the abortion care are restricted. The case is more prominent in Asian and African continents. If compared, the US, Europe, and Australia are lenient with the laws pertaining to abortion. Recent research has found that women in their early … Continue reading


With the easy availability of pregnancy test kits and abortion pills online, the number of women performing an ultrasound before undergoing medical abortion has considerably reduced. An ultrasound test helps to understand the growth of the fetus. It also helps understand if there are any complications in the pregnancy. If the woman is sure of the pregnancy gestation and normal conception, she may not have to perform the ultrasound test. A woman can confirm her pregnancy through a home pregnancy test. To be eligible for a medical abortion, her gestation of the pregnancy must be up to 8-10 weeks and not more than that. On the confirmation of the same, you can buy abortion pills online or from the local … Continue reading

Is abortion correctly depicted in the movies?

Medical abortion practices are self-proclaimed in real life, only a portion of it being true when it comes to reel life. Amendment by the Motion Pictures Production code stated until 1956 that every adoption depicted in films are to be subjected for a thorough regulation. As such the depictions have been subjected much more to impractical situations even after the expiration of the amendment. In reality, you the medical abortion process is as simple as it could get. You can buy abortion pills and administer them to end an early pregnancy. In fact, there are a lot of women who buy abortion pills online and consult online medical experts to perform the medical abortion. Hollywood barely describes abortion as a … Continue reading

How Abortion affects men too

Sexual intercourse is a mutual process, abortion should be even. Profound communication with the partner, irrespective of the gender must be on the list. Supporting females on the choice is acceptable only when its mutual. If any of the partners don’t support the step, mutual consultation followed by backing would make the process bearable. Often it is best to tackle unwanted pregnancy through medical abortion. In fact, recent times have made it easier to buy abortion pills online. As it greatly reduces the primitive stress that the couple has to bear. MTP kits are also options where the couple can opt for abortion, after hours of pregnancy being detected. Men have been equally affected by an abortion as compared to … Continue reading

How To Increase Sexual Desire For Your Partner

Reproduction is never the only reason for intimacy being important in a relationship. Your sexual desire is good for individual emotional help and boosting your healthy relationship. On the other hand, low libido can disturb the relationship increasing stress in you two. Following are some tips that would definitely help you your sexual life to lift up your low libido. Removing sexual block: Try understanding your partner’s mind. The following can be the possible reasons for your low libido. Earlier traumatic sexual experience Performance anxiety Being told that intercourse is sinful and dirty All these are sexual blocks which refrain your partner to get involved in the intimacy and enjoy the time. Your sexual relationship can be connected and blissful … Continue reading

Which symptoms are normal after taking the abortion pills?

Lack of knowledge about medical abortion baffles women with its after-effects. Since the abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body, certain after-effects are bound to happen to take up the abortion process. Women can usually find the abortion pill online where they also get guidance for the same. The symptoms of pregnancy termination: When you buy abortion pill online and administer them to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, certain, changes in your body determine the medical abortion process getting complete. These changes are most likely to occur after consuming the second abortion pill. However, it is not abnormal if you experience them after taking the first pill itself. Cramping: The prostaglandin components of the pill cause uterine contractions. Due to this, … Continue reading

What are the advantages of buying abortion pills online

Though medical abortion is an important issue, there are many women who are still unaware of online consultation and online pharmacies which provide abortion pills like Mifepristone or Cytolog to all women across the globe. The combination helps women get rid of unwanted pregnancy which is up to 8 weeks of gestation. Easily reachable Medical abortion medication is unavailable in many parts of the world. Many a time, people travel to different countries to get the needed treatment for their unwanted pregnancies. Women seeking abortion medicines often have to go miles to find medication center and in this, their gestation period crosses 8 weeks and hence increasing the complication of pregnancy termination. Online consultation, on the other hand, helps you … Continue reading

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Can I end my pregnancy with home remedies?

The delicious juicy fruit of Papaya, along with its high nutrient content, is known for its potential to be an abortifacient. But how far is this true? Scientific evaluation of this common belief shows that the fruit, when consumed in normal amounts, may not really have an effect on the pregnancy. It is especially harmless when consumed in the ripe form and does not cause an abortion. Papaya in its semi-ripe or unripe form may cause an abortion. The Papain enzyme content of a semi-ripe Papaya causes uterine contractions much similar to Oxytocin or Prostaglandins and is capable of inducing premature labor and the fetus may be ejected out of the female body. There are many other fruits and herbs … Continue reading

How to ensure hormonal balance after a medical abortion

  The common myth that prevails even in this educated society is that medical abortion can cause a serious and permanent hormonal imbalance in the female’s body. This is a false claim. Women and their caretakers must take efforts to learn more before choosing to buy abortion pills. This will be useful not only during the abortion phase but also in the recovery phase. Neither of the abortion pills in the general pregnancy termination regimen causes a permanent hormonal change. The temporary alterations in the levels caused, ensure that the procedure is complete. This doesn’t have any other effect on the body and the hormonal cycles are set back to normal after the medicinal components have been completely expelled from … Continue reading

5 reasons why women choose abortion

Abortion is not endorsed in many communities or even certain regions as an entire. Medical termination of pregnancy is particularly stereotyped over the globe. But, there are certain circumstances under which the MTP kit may be really useful deeming abortion as the most practical choice. When the mother’s health is at risk Pregnancy may lead to several complications in specific cases where maternal health should be held at top priority. These complications may even be life-threatening. In such cases, abortion, indeed, is the only choice. The problems may be related to the physical or mental health of the mother. Some common ones include infections of the reproductive tract, high blood pressure situations, or suicidal tendencies. There may even be other … Continue reading

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