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woman Kristen J. Cole
This is to tell everyone that abortion is not always regretful. Sometimes such experiences are enlightening and tell who your people are! Wonderful it is to discover that my boyfriend left me alone in this vulnerable situation. No, seriously! It made me stronger. I decided not to cry anymore over spilled milk. It was my best friend who helped me to come out of this situation. And it is so so flatt....Read More

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Abortion Pill Pack

Abortion Pill Pack Abortion Pill Pack

The Abortion Pill Pack is a combination kit of all abortion pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) required in the early end (10 weeks gestation) of pregnancy. The results are almost 100 percent assuring, and millions of women rely on this product for in-home pregnancy termination. The product has blood coagulant, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory tablets to manage side effects as well. To validate complete safety and wellbeing, women can buy abortion pill pack from our medical outlet at amazing discounts.

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Abortion Pill Pack - Working/Dosage

The medicine pack assures termination for pregnancy of 10 weeks and lesser. It is 100 percent effective as a wholesome care product during abortion. If a woman uses this kit, then she can receive assured pregnancy termination, and relief from its side effects. Let us understand how the chief abortion pills work.

  • Mifepristone: Pregnancy stops advancing, when fetus detaches from broken uterine line due to anti-progesterone mechanism of Mifepristone. The uterus contracts slightly and cervix widens. Take 200mg tablet orally on first day. Consume the medication with water.
  • Misoprostol: Contractions in womb increase, readily removing pregnancy parts with blood loss and blood clots. Cervix becomes wider, and helps the passing out of pregnancy sections permanently out of the body. After 24 to 48 hours of Mifepristone administration, put 4 Misoprostol in the cheek pouches to let it melt. Swallow dissolved medicine after half an hour.
  • Ondansetron / Zofran: This medicine will lower risks to nausea and stop vomiting tendencies. Woman can take 4mg tablet orally when they begin to feel nauseous.
  • Flexon-MR: On taking this medication via mouth, it will provide comfort to spasm and acute abdomen pain. The medicine will reduce stomach discomforts as well.
  • Ethamsylate: Bleeding heavy is normal during pregnancy ending. But, if the blood loss is too much, then Ethamsylate 250mg soothes capillaries and normalizes the blood flow to the complete termination of pregnancy.

Abortion Pill Pack - Side Effects

Before knowing the functions of remaining three medicines in the kit, let us know the side effects to medical abortion: Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdomen pain/cramps, and expected heavy bleeding.

How to Be Safe During Pregnancy Termination?

Use only dosage as indicated, and do not take overdose nor even miss a dose. Put only sanitary pads and not tampons for the bleeding. Do not breastfeed until the abortion gets successfully over. Call for help if having high fever over a day or feeling severe discomfort, soaking a pad in less than 2 hours.

When to Avoid Abortion Pill Pack?

Women, who are allergic to medicines from abortion pill pack, must discuss an alternate way with doctor for ending pregnancy, preferably surgical. If the person has health problems linked to adrenal gland, heart, liver, kidney, uterus etc. then she must not use abortion pills. The medication process is not for those who are ectopic pregnant or more than 12 weeks pregnant, over 35 years of age.

How Does Abortion Pill Pack Benefit Women?

The most common advantage of abortion pill pack is availability of chief medicines needed for pregnancy ending along with those stopping the side effects. The user does not have to buy any of the important tablets separately, but get it all in a kit. It is possible to self-administer the tablets at home without doctors observation, anesthesia or surgery. The medicine box is cost effective as well.