Can I Start My Birth Control Midcycle?

Are you considering beginning or switching birth control pills? If so, your physician must be able to answer any questions you have regarding which birth control options are safe for you and what options may best suit your requirements. If you decide you want to take birth control pills, you will need to figure out when you can begin. Birth Control Basics: The pills like yasmin, ovral, ovral L, ovral g, loette contraceptive pill, etc. contain synthetic hormones that work to avert pregnancy. These hormones can cease ovulation and make it harder for sperm to enter your uterus. They can also change your uterine lining that can diminish the likelihood of implantation. Over the past decade, contraceptive options have increased … Continue reading

Is It Necessary To See A Doctor For Birth Control?

When you normally want to get a birth control, be it for whatever method- Loette contraceptive pills or an IUD, you usually go up to a doctor answer a few questions about your health or medical history then leave with a prescription. However, a growing number of apps and websites are trying to change that situation by making it possible for women to get birth control prescription without actually having to go through the trouble of visiting a healthcare professional. According to a leading newspaper, at least six and more apps and websites from private organizations and NGOs give women prescriptions to birth control pills and other methods, which are written by doctors, after the women answer all their health … Continue reading

How to Skip Your Period Using Birth Control Pill

  A menstrual period, for some females, can be experienced as a slight inconvenience; still it can also be a major health concern for others. The use of contraceptive pills provides you the choice to: Choose when and if you want to become pregnant while also, Allowing you control when and if you have a period. Study shows that if given the option, most females would prefer extended periods. Majority of females may have medical reasons for wanting to skip a monthly cycle. The most ordinary reasons that are given by females for skipping their periods are cramps, painful periods, headaches, PMS and heavy bleeding. Other female just don’t want the hassle of having a period, possibly they have a … Continue reading

Tips for Safely Storing the Birth Control Pill

The birth control pill, similar to most prescription medications, requires being stored safely to maintain integrity and efficiency.  You may feel keeping your pill pack in your purse or in the bathroom cabinet is the ideal solution; however those two places could be the worst options for storing the tablet. Before you buy birth control pill, it may be essential to rethink how to store the tablet carefully. The most common threat to contraceptive tablet integrity is temperature; however humidity also plays a vital role. Nearly all contraceptive pills suggest storage in-between 68°- 77°. The Bathroom: You might feel that the bathroom cabinet is safe place to store the medicine.  In fact, the bathroom cabinet is one of the worst … Continue reading

Birth Control Apps Every Modern Woman Needs!

At this day and age, whenever there seems to be question about something, the usual answer is ‘isn’t there an app for that?’ The realm of birth control too, is no exception to today’s’ technology. On seeing this apps, it is obvious, that these birth control apps are not only fun but helpful and entertaining as well. Besides, there are so many options to choose from as well! Be it simple yet funny reminders to take your birth control pill or informative apps, these are intended to help as well as entertain you. It must be noted that these apps are not to be used in lieu of a doctor’s advice. These are the following types of contraception apps that … Continue reading

How Should You Use “Combination Birth Control Pills”?

‘Combination birth control pills’ are oral contraceptives that are composed of a combination of two synthetic female hormones called the progestin and estrogen. The pills may however differ by themselves according to the levels of hormones contained in each brand of pills. For e.g. Many women get Loette pill, which contains a low dosage of levonorgestrel and ethinyloestradiol, which are the future derivatives of progestin and estrogen respectively. When you start using the contraceptive pills, you must make sure you have understood how you should start taking the pill and what to do when you forget a dosage or two. How should combination birth control pills be used It should be noted that the below given tips are meant as … Continue reading

Contraception Advice For After an Abortive Procedure

One of the most popular method of contraception in the modern history has been “the pill”. Technological advancements and medical discovery advancements have bettered the oral hormonal contraceptive suitable for consumption. The levels of estrogen and progestin hormones and their derived generation versions have become more tolerable to the human body. Its ease in consumption and efficacy have made oral contraceptive favorable for all. Yet, one of the most leading cause unwanted pregnancies is reported to be due to contraception failures. This is most likely due to error is usage which includes missed dosage. Contraception after an abortion As per a recent study, more women buy abortion pill now than opting for a surgery. Even if the overall abortion rates … Continue reading

Plan B – A last chance to Prevent Pregnancy

American women in large numbers terminate unintended pregnancy. The rate has been increased since 2011. About 45% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unwanted. Plan B contraceptive pill gives women last possibility to prevent pregnancy after vulnerable sex.  Emergency contraception (ECPs) is vital especially for outreach to the 4.4 million females at risk of pregnancy but not using a condoms or contraceptives pills like loette pill, yasmin pill, ovral pill, etc. regularly. Emergency contraceptives give assurance to 8.6million women who are dependent on condoms for protection against pregnancy in case if the condom slips or toned. Importance of Emergency Contraceptive: Emergency contraception can be called as morning after pills or day after pills. United States offers the tablets like … Continue reading

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What Does a Period Say About a Woman’s Health?

Of all the female reproductive health concerns, menstruation is the most important. Your periods say a lot about you- and have a hand in pregnancy as well. However, menses talks are often hushed, and many women find it embarrassing to talk to someone in understanding their monthly cycle at large. However, education and awareness about menses and related topics are encouraging women to speak freely about any queries they may have about it. Like any other body part, uterus is mysterious. It has various functions to deliver, one of these being regulating how and when the blood flows during menstrual cycle. At after every 28 days, the female’s uterine lining breaks and is expelled from the vagina, which causes bleeding. … Continue reading

Different Types of Birth Control Pills and Their Uses

The birth control pill is also known as an oral contraceptive. It is a medication, which women can take daily in order to prevent pregnancy. Some females take the tablet for reasons such as regulating the menstrual cycle, treat certain uterine issues, and others. There are three types in these products. Combined pills: These consist of two hormones such as estrogen and progestin. The synthetic hormone has a role in prohibiting pregnancy. One of the popular examples is the Ovral Hormones are the type of chemicals, which control working of different body parts. The Loette medicine is orally consumed every day that keeps ovaries disabled from releasing eggs. Also, the tablet causes cervical mucus to become thick and uterus lining … Continue reading