Why women hesitate to have abortion?

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The world just celebrated its ‘Global Day of Access for Safe and Legal Abortion’ in September but unfortunately the dream of safe access to pregnancy termination has not been realized for many women around various parts of the world. There are various women who can’t even afford or access MTP Kits (abortion pills) even if they are into their early pregnancy days. Since then, many pro-choice advocates have fought to make access easier for those living in such areas where abortive services are rare.

Drones distributing pregnancy cancellation pills, women protesting on the streets, women’s rights organization groups delivering abortion pill kit online, people around world have started coming together in acts like this to revolt against backward abortion laws.  Online web services provided by pro-choice groups especially have helped those living in areas where it is legally restricted or banned to have an abortion, be it medical or surgical. These women often travel to other countries to end pregnancies and take part in harmful operation, while others try dangerous things like purposefully falling off stairs or drinking bleach. Therefore it is necessary for abortion counseling services to advise them against it. When it comes to pregnancy ending, many things impede women who are willing to go through the procedure. Some of them are –

Restrictive Laws

Many countries around the world have realized the importance of providing a safe, legal and easy access to abortive services. Since countries with most restrictive laws face the most danger of maternal mortality, these anti-abortion laws have been eased up considerably.

Even so, if you Buy MTP Kit Online or otherwise (be it prescribed or not), some of the countries’ laws will require you to be fined, or worse arrested. As many countries have a ban on pregnancy cancellation in all cases, except if the mother’s life is in danger, if the pregnancy is the result of rape/incest, or if the fetus is in danger of incurable disease etc, you cannot legally access abortion medication. In such countries, many seek back alley clinics and unsafe procedures that may be detrimental to their health.

Societal Opposition

In most countries, having a pregnancy termination is a still looked down upon. In most cases it is the decision of the family elders that decide whether the woman will give birth. Due to lack of sex education and knowledge about contraceptives, many rural women go on to have numerous abortive procedures.

If she wants to buy MTP Kit, she will do so in privacy so as to not inform the family or husband in fear of opposition. In many cases these women require additional medical help when the self-induced procedure is botched and the conception parts are still stuck in the body.

In such cases many women’s healthcare centers offer MTP Kit online and ship them indirectly.

For women’s health to progress, they need to take responsibility of their own reproductive rights and empower themselves. Additionally they need to take part in society’s change in perception towards pregnancy cancellation. When women will have complete right over their own bodies, botched procedures cases like these will dwindle.


There many misconceptions regarding pregnancy termination – how it causes breast cancer, infertility or how it is dangerous. The truth is, if you decide to buy MTP Kit and take abortion pills, it does not affect your fertility or causes any disease. It is a safe procedure that has 95-97% success rate.