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This is to tell everyone that abortion is not always regretful. Sometimes such experiences are enlightening and tell who your people are! Wonderful it is to discover that my boyfriend left me alone in this vulnerable situation. No, seriously! It made me stronger. I decided not to cry anymore over spilled milk. It was my best friend who helped me to come out of this situation. And it is so so flatt....Read More

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Misoprostol Misoprostol

Misoprostol abortion pill is used in inducing abortion for females who are less than 10 weeks pregnant. buy misoprostol online for removing unwanted pregnancy from uterus when taken if first trimester of fetus growth. However, the medicine is also taken to prevent ulcers in people utilizing aspiring, pain or arthritis medicines. In second trimester pregnancy termination, a low dose of this tablet can be used to cause labor. The medicine is prostaglandin analogue tablet, and when taken in combination with Mifepristone, it leads to end of early pregnancy.

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How Does Misoprostol End Pregnancy?

The uterus already begins contraction mildly when Mifepristone anti-progesterone pill is taken. Later when Misoprostol tablets are ingested the contractions increase, helping in expelling pregnancy parts in womb to get out from vagina. The flushing out of fetal and pregnancy remains is done with aid of heavy bleeding and releasing of large blood clots. During abortion, the female can experience abdomen pain and cramping, which is normal. Painkillers can be taken on advice of doctor.

Misoprostol Dosage Indications?

Women can take Misoprostol in two methods: orally ( buccal), or vaginally. We recommend oral usage, as the tablet functions faster, and pregnancy is ended sooner.

  • Oral Usage: Put 4 tablets of misoprostol 200mcg each, together in the cheek pouches (buccal) without breaking the pills. Let the tablets rest for half an hour. By this time, the tablets melt and are ready to be consumed. Do not spit out any contents or take water. If no bleeding or cramping starts after an hour or so, then continue with same dosage method after three hours.
  • Vaginal Insertion: Place 4 tablets (800mcg total dose) deep in vagina so that it is near womb. Do this with fingers and not with any tool. If the woman cannot put the tablets on her own she can seek help of someone else or a professional. The medicines take at least 4 days to dissolve. If any pieces remain to be dissolved after this duration, then speak to a doctor.

Misoprostol Side Effects?

The person utilizing Misoprostol does face intended side effects like cramping and heavy bleeding. Besides these, the side effects can include headache, stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, tiredness, dizziness, tiredness etc. Women will be relieved of these consequences once pregnancy is completely ended. buy misoprostol online with trust and for safe abortion.

Who can Use Misoprostol?

Females who have attained adulthood (over 18 years of age) can buy Misoprostol online from our pharmacy. But, teens or females below 18 years age should consult physician, and are not allowed to seek the tablets from our medical outlet.

Precautions before Using Misoprostol

The user if aware of allergy to misoprostol abortion pills must speak to a doctor for an alternate treatment. She must also inform the physician about all the prescription and nonprescription drugs being used, especially if taking aspirin, antacids, vitamins, and arthritis medicines.

  • Purchasing Misoprostol for abortion is not suitable for women over 35 years or more than 10 weeks pregnant, having uterine diseases, cardiac/liver/kidney complications, diabetes, and adrenal failure.
  • Use the medicine only if less than 10 weeks pregnant. The abortion pill cannot terminate ectopic pregnancy.
  • Stop breastfeeding until medical pregnancy ending concludes. Get intra-uterine device removed preceding the abortion.

Misoprostol Warnings and Safety Guidelines

To maintain a safe pregnancy termination with abortion pills follow the below -mentioned tips. For more information, contact our customer care or a healthcare provider.

  • Do not drive; engage in physical works, sports, and other tasking activities. Avoid alcohol intake, grapefruit juice, St. John Wort, smoking, greasy meals etc.
  • Contact healthcare professional immediately on fever lasting for more than 24 hours, unusual smelly discharge from vagina, signs of allergy/infection or excessive bleeding.
  • Do not share the medicine with others, and especially not with children. Store the medicine in their containers, not near moisture or direct sunlight, but in dry place.