Emergency Contraceptive Pills and Abortion pills are not the same

Although both medications help women deal with an unwanted pregnancy, abortion pills and emergency contraceptive pills are way too different medicines. Besides both medicines are consumed in different situations with different purposes. This blog helps you understand the difference between abortion pills and emergency contraceptive pills. What are abortion pills? Abortion pills are a medication which brings in an abortion of an early pregnancy up to 63 days. There’s a medicine combination which together works on ending the unwanted pregnancy. There’s no single pregnancy termination pill can end the pregnancy alone. What are emergency contraceptive pills? Emergency contraceptive pills do not end an early pregnancy but prevent it before it takes place. There’s only one pill which is taken at … Continue reading

How Medical Abortion Attained Importance It has Today?

Be it the United States, Europe or the UK, medical abortion has become a talk of the town due to its rising importance with each day passing. Women are preferring the non-invasive method of ending the pregnancy over any other method of abortion. It has become interestingly evident that the importance given to medical abortion has risen to an extent that it has made governing & regulatory bodies in different regions make laws for abortion. This blog helps to understand why and how medical abortion attained importance that it has today. Women earlier were unaware of the contraceptive methods and hence there was no family planning or birth control in the family. Women who thought of family planning wished to … Continue reading

Mtp kit and medical abortion

MTP kit is an abortion pill kit which helps women terminate their pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. The kit is bought by women who seek medical abortion pills in one pack. If you searched online, there are a few websites which let you order MTP kit at a comparatively lower cost than the abortion pills individually. As there are many online pharmacies offering abortion pills, you can easily find abortion pills at home. You only have to understand how to order MTP kit from an online pharmacy. Mifepristone: Mifepristone is known for its traits of stopping pregnancy growth. The components of the Mifepristone abortion pill essentially fights with the hormones that cause the development of pregnancy. The MTP … Continue reading

How society can play an important role in abortion

Whenever a woman thinks of abortion, she is often tagged as a person without a heart. However, if you really think from the woman’s perspective, terminating an unwanted pregnancy is perhaps the most difficult decision that she has to take. Admitting to the fact that you are pregnant unknowingly itself is a shock for many women. Such moments can leave them into depression. Despite the situation being such disheartening for women, the society does not try to understand the complete scenario and judges her for the circumstances she is going through, blames her being in such situations and does not let her come out of it. Instead, discourages her to take any such decision. Women who abort their pregnancy are … Continue reading

Abortion And Different Age Groups

Unplanned pregnancy is a situation where women have to deal with a different kind of problems and to avoid such problems, women go for an abortion. But the decision of doing is influenced by the age factor of women 18 below: This is a fragile age. if Women in this age group get pregnant, then they perform unhealthy abortion practices as they fear to share such incidents with their parents. Also, women below 18 can’t buy abortion pills hence, they need to be educated about contraception and safe intercourse. 19-25: Cases of abortion has been increased a lot in the age group of between 19-25. Unprotected intercourse or failure of contraception (for e.g condoms got broken during intercourse) are two … Continue reading

Inequalities which exist in healthcare & medicine

The overall system of healthcare is put forward by many prejudices. The result is open differentiation which can at times not be avoided and undone. Abortion pill online does serve many impactful decisions mostly on the unwanted pregnancy choices. Large factors come into the context of religion and society differentiation. As such below are some of the adverse situations where inequalities in healthcare are rapidly growing, and certain measures cannot outdo them despite several plans. The gap between certain sections is constantly growing out of phase, resulting in vast differentiation. The accountability of wealth: The term poverty has been long associated with increasing inequalities rising in certain sectors. This conditions exist predominantly over the globe and makes the sustainable ratio … Continue reading

Medical abortion success- how to confirm it

When the abortion process gets completed at that time women get intuitions. However, it is better to confirm whether medical abortion is completed or not. And to do this, you need to identify complications which happened after the medical abortion And also if you can find out complications so you can also treat them at the earliest, as sometimes they can cause further problems. In the medical abortion, when you buy abortion pill pack online or from the nearest pharmacies. In the pack, you get two abortion pills, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol, both these pills are used in combination for a pregnancy termination. How to find out medical abortion is done: After taking the first abortion pill Mifepristone, you do not … Continue reading

Choosing the right product for menstruation-pads, tampons , and cups.

  The adulthood stage is complex, specifically when menstruation becomes one of the concerning factors. Menstruation is a lively process but induces part of the day to day lifestyle chores. The only possible way to tackle the process is to adapt menstruation napkins and pads. While the market is vast, users at times fail to recognize the true potential of certain products and get entangled. Below are methods where one can tackle the menstruation outcomes of women into buying stuff: Napkins and Pads: The best and easiest way to deal with menstruation is the use of napkins and pads. This is the most tangible way of putting menstruation on a watch. Menstruation and sanitary pads offer different levels of absorbency. … Continue reading

Teenage pregnancy-how to make kids familiar with it?

  A global research says that teenage pregnancies affect heavily to the social and economic growth of the nation. Teenage pregnancy is a pregnancy in a female between the age group of 13-18. An unexpected adolescent pregnancy could bring lots of anxiety to a young girl. Due to lack of financial and emotional support required to tackle such situations, girls often find themselves in a dilemma- that is not able to differentiate between the rights and the wrongs which lead to low self-esteem and feel like extreme grief or shame. Also if a girl of very young age gets pregnant, she may have to face medical complications such as the death of the baby, or the mother or even both. … Continue reading

Education About Abortion and how to educate?

  Abortion is a safe and secure way of terminating an unwanted pregnancy either by medication or by surgery. Unwanted pregnancy can cause by improper and inadequate use of contraceptives or no use of contraceptives at all, and less commonly rape. Therefore it is essential to make use of contraceptives, during an intercourse perhaps from an online pharmacy. What is the need for educating the young generation(especially women) about abortion? Many of us may feel shy while talking about this topic. Some may even try to avoid it as long as possible. But we need to address this topic to adolescent people as they are the one who needs to be made aware that, even if they find themselves trapped … Continue reading