What Are the Risks of Abortion and Future Pregnancy?

Termination of pregnancy with pills is a medical abortion, carried out in the first trimester. If you are within 9 weeks of gestation but do not want to continue the pregnancy, then you can take medicines to end it. Remember for safety, the pregnancy location must be inside the uterus. Most people prefer induced abortion with medication as it gives them privacy, discretion, and comfort. Also, they can self-perform the process at home without assistance. You can get abortion more than once. And it is totally fine to go through it without affecting the chance of future pregnancy. Many people have doubts about whether can abortion cause infertility and the answer is a big no. The procedure itself is never … Continue reading

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Debunking myths about fertility after abortion

  A common question that occurs to women is if they can choose to get pregnant in the future, after an abortion. The answer is yes! Especially in the case of medical abortion, chances of a wound in the reproductive system or any permanent physical damage are negligible if proper protocols are followed. One must also ensure that they buy abortion pills from a safe local or online pharmacy. The proponents of anti-abortion ideologies make false claims that spread as rumors. There prevail myths about fertility after an abortion that may bother you in the decision-making process. A lot of women choose to end their pregnancy to prevent health risks or due to unfavorable economic conditions. In these cases, worrying … Continue reading