How soon after an abortion can you get pregnant

Be it an unwanted pregnancy but women often feel skeptical to perform any treatment or medication with their reproductive system with a fear of losing their fertility. Women perform medical termination of pregnancy seeing the circumstances not being in their favor to start a family. This may be a safe unwanted pregnancy solution, however, they wish to conceive again when they’ll be ready for a family. In all this process, the ultimate question that prances over their head- Can I get pregnant after an abortion before your period. The answer is yes! This blog explains how and when can you get pregnant after a medical abortion. How does medical abortion impact your future pregnancy? When you buy abortion pill online … Continue reading

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What is the best age to get pregnant?

Contraception methods indeed help have protected sexual intercourse and avoid an unwanted pregnancy. However, women more than 90% of women wish to start a family at some point in their life. You need to learn when should be the right time to stop using your contraception and start trying to get pregnant as your age will indeed have an influence on fertility. You need to note that even if you have had MTP kit in the past to end your unwanted pregnancy, the medical abortion procedure does not have any impact on your future pregnancies or even the fertility. This blog explains which is the right age for you to get pregnant and which is the phase when you’re most … Continue reading