Things You Should Know About Vaginal Health At Every Age

The vagina and the vaginal health are the two areas which are not openly spoken but necessary for each woman out there. As women age, hormonal changes take place in their body. During all this time, vaginal health and precautions remain more or less the same. Here are some tips which can help you look after the vagina at every age. Eat Light: When you eat healthy foods for your muscles, brain, and heart, such foods are also helping your vagina to be healthy and happy! So it is important that you eat right food such as veggies, fruits etc. try avoiding too much of sugar in your diet or processed food. Yeast infection is a problem that many women … Continue reading

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How to ensure hormonal balance after a medical abortion

  The common myth that prevails even in this educated society is that medical abortion can cause a serious and permanent hormonal imbalance in the female’s body. This is a false claim. Women and their caretakers must take efforts to learn more before choosing to buy abortion pills. This will be useful not only during the abortion phase but also in the recovery phase. Neither of the abortion pills in the general pregnancy termination regimen causes a permanent hormonal change. The temporary alterations in the levels caused, ensure that the procedure is complete. This doesn’t have any other effect on the body and the hormonal cycles are set back to normal after the medicinal components have been completely expelled from … Continue reading

Preventing infections that may be caused by the abortion pills

An induced pregnancy termination through pills is shown to suit about 98% of the women who take it up. This efficiency is partly dependent on the quality of the medication and partly on the woman’s use. One must buy abortion pill from a trusted supplier for maintained standards and also follow the protocols specified by the medical practitioner or healthcare professionals. Despite these precautions, every woman stands a minor risk for infections in the upper half of the reproductive tract from the pills. This may include infections in the uterus and fallopian tubes capable of leading to secondary complications like infertility. Antibiotics administered at the time of abortion will be able to lower the risk. Why are infections caused? There … Continue reading

What is sexual intercourse after a medical abortion like?

Abortion is a stigmatized women’s healthcare topic. One discussion that gets lost in this meddling is what you need to know about sexual intercourse after an abortion. It is important to understand and learn more about lifestyle in the post-abortion phase so that you don’t worsen your situation instead of improving it. You shouldn’t resume intercourse soon after the procedure Medical practitioners strictly advise that you must wait until a complete recovery before indulging in intimate acts after a medical termination of pregnancy. If you read about the abortion pills online or educate yourself through books, you will be able to gather that the female reproductive system is highly sensitized after their administration. So, it will make a woman highly … Continue reading

What All Should You Know About The Vaginal Cysts?

Vaginal cysts are fluid/pus-filled pockets of tissue that are formed under the lining of the vagina. They are also referred to as benign (non-cancerous) tumors and are not very common. Some cysts may be solid but they are further very rare. Do they have any types? There may be various ways in which the tumor could have originated based on which they can be categorized. Inclusion cysts: formed from injuries caused to the vagina during childbirth or operative procedures Bartholin cysts: Bartholin glands are located on both sides of the vagina to secrete lubricant fluids. When the ducts of these glands are blocked, it leads to fluid accumulation thus forming cysts Gartner’s cysts: The Gartner’s duct is a vestigial organ. … Continue reading

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Easy Ways to Reduce Belly Fat After an Abortion

Pregnancy causes the uterus to expand in order to accommodate the growing fetus. This results in an abdominal muscle stretch making the belly skin loose. A hormonal fluctuation adds to this bloated appearance. The uterus takes time to shrink and the hormones to normalize. Furthermore, during pregnancy, the female body demands extra nutrition that goes into nourishing the fetus. This is also stored as fat in the belly region. Therefore, post a safe medical abortion, most women complain about an unsightly hanging belly. The following are simple ways to get rid of it: Follow a diet that can help The must be a well-governed intake of calories. It must not be reduced suddenly. When you read the symptoms of Misoprostol … Continue reading

Can Breastfeeding Be Used As a Birth Control Method?

Yes, it can! Frequent and regular breastfeeding is known to highly reduce chances of pregnancy in the post-partum period. This method has a considerable efficacy when practiced with complete knowledge. Is it scientifically proven? Breastfeeding as a contraception technique has been proven and is referred to as the lactation-amenorrhea method (LAM) in scientific terms. Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual periods. The terms thus effectively describe the stall of the regular menses in the lactating period. The underlying mechanisms for this have been widely studied in the recent years. LAM functions on a hormonal basis much like the birth control and abortion pills. Rhythmic patterns of the female hormones that govern ovulation are disturbed by frequent suckling of the breast. … Continue reading

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Irregular periods after an abortion?

The abortion regimen is a hormonal play. It takes about 2-4 weeks for the female hormones to reach their normal levels and for the menstrual cycle to become normal again. The symptoms of abortion may thus last for up to this time. It is hence very confusing for a woman to understand the post-abortion menstrual cycle. She may very often consider spotting within this time frame to be her periods or may also be faced with irregular periods for extended durations after an abortion.   The following explanation may be able to resolve your worries. When can I expect my first period after an abortion? Abortion bleeding may last until complete expulsion of pregnancy contents. This may be intermittent spotting … Continue reading

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is a series of regular changes in the female body that is governed by hormones. Its onset is marked in the adolescent age and is a sign of sexual maturity. Periods are the only visible sign of an efficient functioning of this cycle. The first menstrual period generally occurs in the age-window of 12-15. The exact age, and time for which every period lasts, depends on various lifestyle factors and the overall health of an individual. However, menstruation represents only one phase of the complete cascade. The ovaries and the uterus function in synchrony during the cycle to maintain the fertility of a woman. Understanding changes that occur in the body during each of the menstrual cycle … Continue reading

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How to get rid of period cramps at home

  Menstrual cramps result from uterine contractions. These movements facilitate the expulsion of the thickened uterus lining through the vaginal opening. But every body is different. So, while some women get through periods with almost no physical stress, the pain is debilitating in some. If you’re curled up on the bed looking to ease your pain, one of the following methods is sure to help.   Try massage and compression Acupressure Acupressure impacts the nervous system and also promotes robust blood flow to various organs. It is a holistic health technique and can be used to dampen physical stress due to periods too. The pressure points to help you relieve abdominal pain during menstruation are The space between your thumb … Continue reading