Emergency Contraceptive Pills and Abortion pills are not the same

Although both medications help women deal with an unwanted pregnancy, abortion pills and emergency contraceptive pills are way too different medicines. Besides both medicines are consumed in different situations with different purposes. This blog helps you understand the difference between abortion pills and emergency contraceptive pills. What are abortion pills? Abortion pills are a medication which brings in an abortion of an early pregnancy up to 63 days. There’s a medicine combination which together works on ending the unwanted pregnancy. There’s no single pregnancy termination pill can end the pregnancy alone. What are emergency contraceptive pills? Emergency contraceptive pills do not end an early pregnancy but prevent it before it takes place. There’s only one pill which is taken at … Continue reading

How Medical Abortion Attained Importance It has Today?

Be it the United States, Europe or the UK, medical abortion has become a talk of the town due to its rising importance with each day passing. Women are preferring the non-invasive method of ending the pregnancy over any other method of abortion. It has become interestingly evident that the importance given to medical abortion has risen to an extent that it has made governing & regulatory bodies in different regions make laws for abortion. This blog helps to understand why and how medical abortion attained importance that it has today. Women earlier were unaware of the contraceptive methods and hence there was no family planning or birth control in the family. Women who thought of family planning wished to … Continue reading

Mtp kit and medical abortion

MTP kit is an abortion pill kit which helps women terminate their pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. The kit is bought by women who seek medical abortion pills in one pack. If you searched online, there are a few websites which let you order MTP kit at a comparatively lower cost than the abortion pills individually. As there are many online pharmacies offering abortion pills, you can easily find abortion pills at home. You only have to understand how to order MTP kit from an online pharmacy. Mifepristone: Mifepristone is known for its traits of stopping pregnancy growth. The components of the Mifepristone abortion pill essentially fights with the hormones that cause the development of pregnancy. The MTP … Continue reading

How to boost libido with Diet

Problems in sexual desire can have a negative impact on the relationship. This blog explains how you can increase libido through a natural diet. Also, this blog sheds light on how some foods can have a negative impact on your sexual reproductive organs, thereby affecting your sexual desire. Can dieting affect your libido? Long answer short, Yes! Dieting can indeed have possibilities of affecting your libido. Though there are many reasons for lower libido, dieting is one of them. When you burn more calories and the actual calorie intake is low, it negatively impacts your energy. This eventually leads you to a catabolic state and the level of testosterone in your body drops. For women, when low energy level does … Continue reading

How society can play an important role in abortion

Whenever a woman thinks of abortion, she is often tagged as a person without a heart. However, if you really think from the woman’s perspective, terminating an unwanted pregnancy is perhaps the most difficult decision that she has to take. Admitting to the fact that you are pregnant unknowingly itself is a shock for many women. Such moments can leave them into depression. Despite the situation being such disheartening for women, the society does not try to understand the complete scenario and judges her for the circumstances she is going through, blames her being in such situations and does not let her come out of it. Instead, discourages her to take any such decision. Women who abort their pregnancy are … Continue reading

Let This Valentines Day Be Better Planned!

As Valentine’s day is on its way, not just love, but seduction, sex are also going to be topics which one may not escape from. Though such topics are long disregarded, they need to be addressed in the discussions in order to educate couples about safe and protected sexual intercourse. Why family planning is most important: Especially at a young age, couples don’t realize the importance of family planning but it is indeed an important aspect that a couple needs to take care of. In the absence of family planning, the couple may not value protected sexual intercourse. As a result, the chances of an unwanted pregnancy are considerably high. When you get into an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Sexual Intercourse

  Sexual intercourse can have health benefits and that’s true! Sadly the subject is always unspoken or neglected by individuals. The benefits of sexual intercourse can always help if you know the how and wherefores of lovemaking activities! The most important benefit of sexual intercourse is its stress relief magic! If you can handle your libido during stressed situations, you can also escape from the stress you are facing. The only important part which you must look after is the contraception used during the intercourse. You may have to buy abortion pills and abort the pregnancy if you encounter unwanted pregnancy situation. To avoid any such case, buy birth control pills such as Ovral L, Ovral G or condoms and … Continue reading

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Is using a female condom more useful?

When it comes to female condoms, they have been widely used recently. They are further known to be internal condoms and therefore the popularity for using them is increasing. Whether one tends to protect oneself for pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, female condoms are largely taken into context for several options. Currently, next to abortion pill online, female condoms and birth control pills are taking the global preferences in women. A lot of positive sides is sought when it comes to female condoms and the choice of using them. Being hypoallergenic is the first term of using female condoms as they are quite friendly in terms of that. Some people are quite sensitive to latex use and female condoms largely … Continue reading

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What things you can do to avoid painful intercourse?

Sexual intercourse also accounts to a succeeding pain at times. Most commonly felt by women, a certain report suggests that around 4 out of 6 women feel painful intercourse with their partners. Consequently, the pain varies from individuals to individuals. So where and how does a woman experience pain during sexual intercourse? The first part where a woman can experience pain is the vulva, which is the surrounding area of the vagina. This subsequently is caused due to dryness in the vagina area or even outside. Consequently, it leads to further complications such as lower abdominal pain and even at times back pain. The pelvic region is most affected along the certain parts of inside the vagina. Pain in the … Continue reading

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Abortion And Different Age Groups

Unplanned pregnancy is a situation where women have to deal with a different kind of problems and to avoid such problems, women go for an abortion. But the decision of doing is influenced by the age factor of women 18 below: This is a fragile age. if Women in this age group get pregnant, then they perform unhealthy abortion practices as they fear to share such incidents with their parents. Also, women below 18 can’t buy abortion pills hence, they need to be educated about contraception and safe intercourse. 19-25: Cases of abortion has been increased a lot in the age group of between 19-25. Unprotected intercourse or failure of contraception (for e.g condoms got broken during intercourse) are two … Continue reading