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woman Sheralton Cooper
My girlfriend did the abortion pills about two weeks ago. We got the double pills. Because she was far along. She got very ill from the double first dose. I was out of town in Mississippi, therefore I was not able to be around her. But once she took the remaining pills, the process started and she was able to pass it through her body. We will give her a test this weekend to make sure she is no lon....Read More

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A womans pregnancy is calculated from her first day of recently gone periods, which is assumed at 28 days duration, with ovulation expected at mid-cycle. A clinical examination either with ultrasound, blood or home test can analyze the pregnancy age, and if the fetus is in uterus or outside. To end an early pregnancy (intra-uterine), the woman must be less than 70 day or 10 weeks gestation. She can obtain cheap MTP Kit from an internet pharmacy to self-do an abortion at home.

Being highly safe, mtp kit online is one of the successful in-home method women can utilize to end their pregnancy. Females can buy MTP Kit online for attaining a trouble-free procedure of pregnancy termination done by self, in complete privacy.

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MTP Kit Working Mechanism

The medicine kit (Mifepristone and Misoprostol), is a combined drug therapy required to completely remove pregnancy sections from womb in two weeks. During ending a pregnancy, the woman experiences separation of placenta and fetus from the uterus. This happens when progesterone hormone is blocked, which restricts pregnancy development.

As an abortion kit breaks endometrial lining, the placenta does not supply nutrients to the fetus. After using the Misoprostol tablets, the female faces painful cramps in stomach in pregnancy termination procedure (contractions in uterus to release pregnancy contents from the body).

TWO MTP Kit Packages Information :

For medical emergencies cases, it is suggested to order two MTP Kits, like - women who are more than 5 weeks pregnant MAY need more than 1 MTP kit.

Also, for in cases the woman gets sick and pukes out the swallowed pills (in 30-45 minutes), here she would have to take an another dosage.

The decision to buy one or two however is left upto the customer.

MTP Kit Dosage

Mifepristone (anti-progesterone) 200mg single pill is taken orally on day 1. After 24-48 hours, Misoprostol 800mcg is taken buccally or vaginally. Total of 4 tablets of 200mcg are either placed in the cheek pouches or in vagina after the progesterone blocker dosing. Women can take MTP Kit online and receive both the miscarriage-inducing tablets. The product can be used in home on self-regulation or visit doctor for its administration.

MTP Kit Side Effects

Efficiency of medical pregnancy ending is more than 95 percent, if the female follows procedure protocols properly. In case MTP pill is taken inappropriately, there may be few problems. Some of the temporary side effects are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, tiredness, and headache.Before women buy MTP Kit, they must understand that mood swings during regimen is possible. This can be handled by counselor, or the user may wish to have someone to support and care while pregnancy termination.

MTP Kit Precautions

The user should visit a medical office 14 days after end of pregnancy. This consultation is to know by a ultrasonographic or clinical examination that pregnancy has been ceased or not.

  • Before females choose MTP Kit buy online, they must check there are no heart/liver/adrenal gland/uterine problems.
  • An intrauterine device (IUD) has to be removed before taking MTP Kit online for ending an early pregnancy at home.
  • Pregnancy ending is suggested with surgery if medicines fail to completely take out fetal contents from the uterus.
  • The abortion pills may cause dizziness, so the woman must not drive vehicles or physically workout until the effect is gone.
  • Misoprostol and Mifepristone can stay in breast milk for sometime causing gastric issue in the child being fed. Thus, do not breastfeed.
  • The MTP Kit online is not suitable for females over 35 years or those who have had more than 5 pregnancies.

The Contraindications

The medical ending of pregnancy is not for females with:

  • Confirmed or possible ectopic pregnancy or abnormal adnexal mass (the abortion pill kit cannot cease an ectopic pregnancy).
  • Insufficient accesses to hospitals that can offer emergency care for incomplete fetus expel blood transfusions, and other crisis facilities.
  • An IUD in the uterus, chronic adrenal problem, hemorrhagic disorder or ongoing anticoagulant treatment, inherited porphyria etc.
  • Known or suspected allergy to Mifepristone, Misoprostol, and prostaglandin.