Debunking myths about fertility after abortion

  A common question that occurs to women is if they can choose to get pregnant in the future, after an abortion. The answer is yes! Especially in the case of medical abortion, chances of a wound in the reproductive system or any permanent physical damage are negligible if proper protocols are followed. One must also ensure that they buy abortion pills from a safe local or online pharmacy. The proponents of anti-abortion ideologies make false claims that spread as rumors. There prevail myths about fertility after an abortion that may bother you in the decision-making process. A lot of women choose to end their pregnancy to prevent health risks or due to unfavorable economic conditions. In these cases, worrying … Continue reading

5 obvious symptoms of pregnancy

One can buy affordable pregnancy test kits over the counter or online to check for conception. Below are the indications as to when you will need one. A missed period The first phase of the menstrual cycle brings about changes in the female body to make it capable of supporting a pregnancy. If no conception follows ovulation, the second phase of the menstrual cycle functions to disrupt the previous changes. The additional components of the thickened uterus lining are flushed out of the body in the form of periods. A missed period is thus indicative of the fact that fertilization has occurred. A missed period is when no bleeding occurs even a week after the expected date. However, the menstrual … Continue reading

5 reasons for a late period other than pregnancy

A series of changes occur in the puberty-hit female body to prepare it for a possible pregnancy. When there is no conception, these changes are reversed and the excess of contents are discharged out of the body in the form of menstrual periods. This is a monthly cycle. Thus, a late or missed period serves as an indication that the woman is pregnant. Although the average number of days the cycle lasts for is 28 days, the exact number differs for every woman. It is also noteworthy that the cycle is completely a hormonal play. And hormones are subject to alterations and regulations by the immediate surroundings and activity. So, there may be reasons other than pregnancy for a late … Continue reading

How to avoid confusions while using a pregnancy test kit

There are two kinds of pregnancy tests that can be done; a blood test and a urine test. Both work to detect the hCG content in the sample. hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is secreted by the embryonic tissue and functions as a growth and differentiating factor post- implantation. It is considered as a good indicator for pregnancy because its secretion begins shortly after conception and increases with the gestational period. Blood tests can detect hCG earlier in pregnancy than urine reports can. But you need to visit a doctor for a blood reports. Most home pregnancy tests are urine tests but they offer you a greater privacy. You can buy affordable pregnancy test kits over-the-counter. The more sensitive … Continue reading