Women needs pills for self-induced abortion at home

Women-needs-pills-for-self-induced-abortion-at-homeAn unwanted pregnancy seems to be a rising problem in women. However, it was never rising. The only difference is that women have started openly accepting the fact that they have an unwanted pregnancy and they need to deal with it. Since surgical abortion becomes an expensive solution for this, most women turn to self-induced ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy.

Self-induced abortion could be risky if you do not perform it properly. Medical abortion using pregnancy termination medications is an easy and safe method of ending the pregnancy. Although the medical abortion process allows you to end your pregnancy at home, you have to consult your healthcare provider to get a prescription of abortion pills.

Which drug is available for medical abortion?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular drug combination that is administered to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. If you cannot find Mifepristone or Misoprostol combination, women can also try alternative options such as

Where can they get abortion pills online?

Buying abortion pills online is easier than getting them from the nearby store. This way, you can also protect your identity and enjoy secrecy while getting medical pregnancy termination pills.

Abortion Pills Rx is one such e-pharmacy which helps women get abortion pills. Order online and getting abortion pills at your doorstep becomes easier with only a few clicks.

How do abortion pills work?

Both abortion pills work through hormonal changes made. With the constituents such as anti-progesterone (present in Mifepristone) and prostaglandin (present in Misoprostol), the abortion pills make the hormone alterations in the body.

Firstly, drugs stop the growth of the pregnancy and then create contractions in the lining of the uterus. Due to such hormonal changes, the woman experiences pain in the abdominal area and heavy bleeding.

These two are the symptoms of pregnancy termination procedure getting complete. When you bleed, you remove pregnancy contents from the womb. The whole process takes around one week or more. You can confirm the pregnancy status after around two weeks with a pregnancy test.

How safe are the pills for self-induced abortion at home?

Abortion pills are approved by medical experts for ending the early pregnancy and hence they are completely safe to consume. However, each pill in the combination has a specific method of administering it. If you followed it right, you can safely end the pregnancy with a minimum or no complications.

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