How early a woman can take abortion pills

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Millions of women all across the globe perform a medical abortion under various circumstances. While surgical abortion can be carried out post 8 weeks as well, medical abortion has to be done below or up to 8 weeks of pregnancy gestation period. It is always advised to get your pregnancy termination complete as early as possible. This is to avoid the possible complications involved in the process.

Generally, all the abortions are performed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, if it is calculated from the last month period. The later an abortion is performed, the more complications will be involved affecting the health of the woman. Besides, a woman also has to consider the regulations and law concerning abortion in the respective country.

The pregnancy termination procedure can be performed as early as three weeks of the gestation period. This is typically the time when your intrauterine pregnancy is confirmed. Talking about medical abortion, the medication is most effective at this early stage. It is indeed effective in the latter period as well, however, cramping and bleeding post medication can be more when compared with the earlier phase.


Medical abortion procedure:


When you buy abortion pills, the medication involves two medications_ (1) mifepristone while the other one is (2) misoprostol.

The first medicine is an anti-progesterone medicine which discontinues the growth of the pregnancy by stopping the working of progesterone (a hormone required for pregnancy growth). The patient may not feel anything post administering the medicine. After around 24 hours, the second medication which is a prostaglandin is administered vaginally, or; it can be taken buccally, in such a case, medicines are kept in the cheek pockets (two each), The remainders are to be swallowed after half an hour.


What to expect?


As said before, a woman may not feel anything after the first medication. However, the second tablet causes uterine contraction due to which, the woman is expected to face abdomen pain followed by heavy bleeding. A woman typically soaks 5 maxi pads a day which continues for around a week. Others may experience bleeding similar to a normal menstrual cycle.


SIde effects:


The expected side effects of the pills are heavy bleeding and cramping. Additionally, a woman may experience following side effects during the medical abortion process.

  1. Nausea
  2. A headache
  3. Dizziness
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Pelvic pain or tenderness
  6. Fever

Please note that all side-effects mentioned above are temporary and do not affect a future pregnancy. Also, these side effects get cured in their on do not require particular medication if taken care properly. A woman needs good rest during the abortion process as it helps her to recover from the procedure as at the earliest.

Note: Kindly consult your doctor if you are experiencing a high fever or any of above cases at an extreme level. The tablets are supposed to be taken only under the prescription of a physician. only

A woman typically determines her pregnancy confirmation in the first trimester i.e. 3rd week of after the missing menstrual period. Administer the abortion medication at the earliest for best effective use.

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