Difference Between an Abortion Pill and Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Emergency contraception (EC) is also referred to as “the morning-after-pill” or occasionally under the trade name “Plan B.” If a condom breaks or birth control does not work as expected, emergency contraception pills are perfect for averting a pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. You may also be familiar with the abortion pill, a product used for something entirely different. It successfully and safely terminates an already-existing pregnancy during the first 9 weeks, instead of preventing pregnancy from taking place.

Although the abortion pill is becoming increasingly well-known as a safe method of ending a pregnancy in the United States, many people are unaware of it. While others mistakenly think that emergency contraception results in abortions. But this is not true as emergency contraception will not end an ongoing pregnancy; only the abortion pill induces a pregnancy termination.

So, when should you opt for emergency contraception instead of an abortion medication (or the other way around)? Simply said, EC tablets are great for “accidental” moments and should be consumed as soon as possible within 3 days of the occurrence of unprotected intercourse. Use the abortion pill if you are already nine weeks into your pregnancy and are thinking about having an abortion.

What Makes an Abortion Pill Different from Emergency Contraception?

The medication abortion pills inhibit the development of the pregnancy and encourage the uterus to evacuate the products of conception. By stopping ovulation, emergency contraception prevents pregnancy. It prevents your body from releasing a mature egg, to put it another way. The most prevalent type of EC is available as over-the-counter (OTC) pills that may be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription, such as Plan B or a generic version of it.

  • Within three days of having sex, you should take this medicine as soon as possible; ideally, within the first 72 hours. The effectiveness of an emergency contraception pill is fading every day, so act quickly.
  • The termination pregnancy pill blocks the progesterone hormone. It sheds the endometrial lining. Also, it separates the fetus from the uterus wall. Then a secondary pill causes uterine contractions.
  • So, a miscarriage pill helps to empty the uterus accompanied by heavy vaginal bleeding and widen the cervix for the abortion to happen successfully.
  • You can buy MTP Kit online to attain Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills in one package. There is privacy and confidentiality in the in-home process. The intake instructions are simple to follow.
  • One of the side effects of abortion pills is abdominal cramps from contractions. You may also experience dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, and tiredness.
  • But morning-after-pill side effects are only the bleeding-like period from shedding of the endometrium. This is essential to stop an implantation from happening and leading to a pregnancy.

Which Pill Should You Choose? Abortion or EC for Pregnancy?

The question about the medicine you need for pregnancy purely depends on the purpose. If you want to end your pregnancy, then the Misoprostol pill is a great option. You can combine it with Mifepristone for better efficacy. But if you want to remain careful and prevent pregnancy altogether, then an emergency contraceptive pill is the right choice. Both medication type has unique use and is not a replacement for each other.

So, let us run you through the specifics again to ensure you about the medicine you should take for reproductive health. The emergency pill Plan B includes the hormone levonorgestrel in a single dose. Levonorgestrel is a progestin, a synthetic version of the sex hormone progesterone. You can get Plan B over-the-counter (OTC), therefore a prescription is not necessary. The release of an egg is postponed for a few days after you consume Plan B.

This indicates that no egg is present for sperm to fertilize. A pregnancy cannot occur if an egg is not fertilized. It is also believed that Plan B will make your cervix’s mucus thicker. Sperm may find it more difficult to swim and reach an egg as a result. So, do abortion pills work as well if a pregnancy does happen after taking the precautions? Yes, it does. But for this, the pregnancy should be inside the uterus and not ectopic.

Many women want to get an abortion after pregnancy from failed use of EC or birth control. Because though the medicines are effective, they have a rare chance of not working. And if you are unfortunately a part of it, you do need a backup plan, which the pregnancy termination with pills offers. At the same time, you must not consider ending a pregnancy a substitute for the precaution of safeguarding against pregnancy by using birth control.

To Sum it Up – Abortion Pill vs. Plan B

Want to keep a pregnancy away from happening, the pill to prevent pregnancy is important. You can purchase them in advance and keep them handy in case the need arises. After all, they say prevention is always better and you must take the steps to secure your health. There are regular birth control pills as well as emergency contraception pills that you can use as per the situation. But remember that, unlike a condom, the medicine will not avert the risk of STIs or STDs.

  • Be it abortion birth control or pregnancy management technique you choose, consult your healthcare provider to understand what works for you.
  • There are hormonal and non-hormonal contraception methods and you can take your pick after knowing what will go with your needs, lifestyle, health, and other factors.
  • You can buy MTP Kit online to end an unplanned pregnancy. But you should decide on the medication method early in pregnancy.

To get abortion pill your pregnancy should be within 9 weeks of gestation and not beyond. There are a few interactions, contraindications, and do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. You can discuss with us on Abortionpillsrx Live Chat to understand the procedure better. Be assured, we are here to guide you and provide the best support.

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