Plan B – A last chance to Prevent Pregnancy

American women in large numbers terminate unintended pregnancy. The rate has been increased since 2011. About 45% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unwanted. Plan B contraceptive pill gives women last possibility to prevent pregnancy after vulnerable sex.  Emergency contraception (ECPs) is vital especially for outreach to the 4.4 million females at risk of pregnancy but not using a condoms or contraceptives pills like loette pill, yasmin pill, ovral pill, etc. regularly. Emergency contraceptives give assurance to 8.6million women who are dependent on condoms for protection against pregnancy in case if the condom slips or toned.

Emergency Contraceptive - Plan B

Plan B – Emergency pill

Importance of Emergency Contraceptive:

Emergency contraception can be called as morning after pills or day after pills. United States offers the tablets like Plan B morning after pill and Copper T intrauterine contraceptive (IUC) to prevent unintended pregnancy if taken within first few days after the intercourse. You may find ECPs in three types that are:

  • Combined ECPs that contains both estrogen and progesterone
  • Progesterone-only ECPs
  • ECPs that contains anti-progestin (either Mifeprex or Mifepristone)

All the three tablets are available in United States at online or any drug store. Majority of people in the country buy Plan B online, immediately after unprotected sex or later for at least 120 hours after vulnerable sex.  The chance of getting pregnant thoroughly depends upon the kind of ECPs you use and how often you take it after unprotected intercourse. In case, of any doubts you may consult your doctor. Purchase medicines which are under FDA approval.

Working of ECPs:

The medicines discontinue pregnancy by disallowing ovulation, implantation, and fertilization. There is no risk in the product to birth defects or pregnancy troubles later, and is important means to stop pregnancy from happening.

ECPs are the best solutions in case of vulnerable sex or malfunction of a birth control as it prohibits pregnancy. Similar to other contraceptive tablets, this medicine distrusts fertilization by cervical thickening and inability of sperm fertilizing egg.  It stops the ovum from releasing mature eggs, prevents implantation by thinning uterine lining. Labeling emergency contraceptives such as Plan B pill, day after pill, morning after pill, etc. are effective and reduces the risk of pregnancy by 88%.

The doctor recommends taking emergency contraceptives orally within 72 hours or 3 days from unprotected sex. You get better results if taken as quickly as possible. These contraceptive are generally used for following reasons like:

  • Family planning
  • Unavailability of other birth control methods
  • Birth pills and condoms are suspected not to work

As per several researches of the levonorgestrel regimen approx. more than 13,500 women reported the effectiveness of the ECP medicines.  The regimen is moderately effective if began between 72 and 120 hours. However, a combined analysis of 4 WHO tests of the levonorgestrel regimen explains that there is no decline in effectiveness 5th day, when it may offer no protection at all.

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