Contraception Advice For After an Abortive Procedure

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One of the most popular method of contraception in the modern history has been “the pill”. Technological advancements and medical discovery advancements have bettered the oral hormonal contraceptive suitable for consumption. The levels of estrogen and progestin hormones and their derived generation versions have become more tolerable to the human body. Its ease in consumption and efficacy have made oral contraceptive favorable for all.

Yet, one of the most leading cause unwanted pregnancies is reported to be due to contraception failures. This is most likely due to error is usage which includes missed dosage.

Contraception after an abortion

As per a recent study, more women buy abortion pill now than opting for a surgery. Even if the overall abortion rates are falling down, the rates for medical termination are swinging up.

The medical abortion requires two drugs to be administrated – one is a prostaglandin antagonist and the other is an ecbolic properties containing prostaglandin E1 analogue. These two elements are mostly utilized in the form of two generic medication called Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Since both of them have properties that widen and ripens the cervix, the time following an abortion can make you prone to receiving infections and pregnancies. Therefore, contraception after a pregnancy cancellation is crucial.

What contraceptive is the best for me?

You can arrange a meeting with a General practitioner or meet with the local pregnancy advice center for contraception advise. You can ask yourself basic questions to figure out a solution. For e.g. If you forget to take a pill every day – a barrier contraceptive like Nuvaring may be right choice for you.

Will my birth control option work immediately after the procedure?

The birth control method that are effective immediately are coil, contraceptive injection and implant. It is recommended, however, that sexual intercourse or any type of penetration should not be done, until and after at least two weeks of pregnancy cancellation to minimize the risk of contracting infection.

When should I consume the birth control pill?

You should start taking the birth control pills following the day of abortion. Many women take the combination oral hormonal contraceptive like the Ovral or Yasmin birth control pills a day after they abort. You will be fully protected following 14 days of procedure and will be able to have intercourse again.

How soon after a pregnancy termination can I fall pregnant?

Your fertility goes back to normal after the termination, therefore it is entirely possible to get pregnant straight way. Plus, as mentioned before, abortive drugs can widen the cervix, thus making you more vulnerable to pregnancy until its effect wear off, i.e. two weeks later.

Does my choice of contraception make me bleed after the procedure?

Following the abortive procedure, many women bleed on and off for several weeks. If you are still bleeding after 8 weeks, you may have been using implants, injection, progesterone – only pill or coil (where the birth control may be reason for bleeding).

I haven’t had my menstrual cycle yet, should I start birth control?

Your fertility returns to its original state following the procedure, so it is pertinent that you start taking birth control pills right after.