What things you can do to avoid painful intercourse?

Ways to avoid painful intercourse

Sexual intercourse also accounts to a succeeding pain at times. Most commonly felt by women, a certain report suggests that around 4 out of 6 women feel painful intercourse with their partners. Consequently, the pain varies from individuals to individuals.

So where and how does a woman experience pain during sexual intercourse?

The first part where a woman can experience pain is the vulva, which is the surrounding area of the vagina. This subsequently is caused due to dryness in the vagina area or even outside. Consequently, it leads to further complications such as lower abdominal pain and even at times back pain. The pelvic region is most affected along the certain parts of inside the vagina. Pain in the uterus or bladder is also a common trait.

How to tackle painful sexual intercourse?

Using a lubricant
Certain water-soluble lubricants provide some relief to women during the painful intercourse process. They are mostly available in the pharmacies and can be taken over the counter, for dealing with vaginal irritation. Additionally, it is also used by women who have a vaginal sensitivity.

Consequently, lubricants made up of silicon are likely to last much longer than normal ones. Some healthcare administrative have restrictions for women who use Vaseline and oils with condoms. Condoms react variably with the condom and have different reactions accordingly, which puts the skin problems at rising. Often, it can even lead to a break on the lining of condoms used.

Sexual intercourse with consent.
When having sexual intercourse always have it with the consent of each other. Additionally, do not attempt to have intercourse when tired and anxious and restrict from having the same. It can largely put the possibility of pain and more often dryness of vagina can make women exposed to pelvic issues.

Never attempt intercourse after undergoing an abortion.

Medical abortion has a series of processes where abortion pills are ingested, and having intercourse during this time is not recommended. It can make hold of painful and irritating sexual intercourse, which can further aggravate several other health conditions. If some pills are inserted from the vagina, it is dangerous to have intercourse during this period.

Subsequent gap period:
At times, a gap period from sexual intercourse is likely to enhance the process in long term. If the pain is there beforehand, taking a break largely helps in healing the area. Attempting orally does provide an alternative, till when the pain goes off and there is enough of lubrication.


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