Abortion And Different Age Groups

Medical abortion cases in various age group

Unplanned pregnancy is a situation where women have to deal with a different kind of problems and to avoid such problems, women go for an abortion. But the decision of doing is influenced by the age factor of women

18 below: This is a fragile age. if Women in this age group get pregnant, then they perform unhealthy abortion practices as they fear to share such incidents with their parents. Also, women below 18 can’t buy abortion pills hence, they need to be educated about contraception and safe intercourse.

19-25: Cases of abortion has been increased a lot in the age group of between 19-25. Unprotected intercourse or failure of contraception (for e.g condoms got broken during intercourse) are two common primary reasons for a pregnancy termination.
Apart from this, there are some other factors also due to which women in this age group decide to do the abortion.

Career opportunities
unmarried status
financial instability.
higher education
unstable relationship

Since the financial problem is one of the major cause to do the abortion. And due to this, such women go for a medical abortion, where they can either buy abortion pills online i.e MTP Kit online or from the nearest pharmacy for the pregnancy termination.

Looking at the statistics, you will see that not many women do abortion during this age. Women consider this age a perfect time to get pregnant and starting a family. Previously, 25-28 used to be considered as the proper age for the pregnancy, however, due to changes in lifestyle and other factors it is shifted to the early thirties.

In today’s time, women in the age group of 30-35 feel financially stable and prepared to start the family during this time period. Women who do abortion in this age group because of reasons like unmarried status, broken relationships etc

35 and above:
Most Women above 35 don’t opt for an abortion as they are settled and happy with the family at this stage. only they go for an abortion in case they don’t want to have another child in the family as adding another child will put financial pressure, also it will increase their responsibilities too hence women decide to the abortion in this age-group.

whether it is a decision of Pregnancy or to start a family, women are perfect to choose what is best for them.

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