How to Date the Same Person After You Share Abortion?

Going into the relationship again with whom you share an abortion

The decision of ending your pregnancy is bold and When your partner decides to buy abortion pills to end the pregnancy, there are some responsibilities on your shoulder too! This is a situation where you should not leave her alone. However, men often do not understand how they can be of a help for their partner who’s aborting her pregnancy. This blog helps such partners to understand what needs to be done.

Medical measures:

When you are dating the same person who is undergoing an abortion, you must make sure that the person is looking after herself well. This involves taking follow up sessions and taking medicines if prescribed any. A medical abortion method can be tiring at times. It is essential for a partner to make sure that she is taking a proper rest. You can snuggle with her and give her love and support during the abortion procedure.

Avoid Misinformation:

If you have shared your abortion situation with other people, there will be many who would provide misinformation about medical abortion. There are anti-abortion groups which dominate such couples and make them feel guilty of their deeds. As a partner, you must handle such situations well and be with her throughout the time. Your presence should bring about positivity around her. If she’s been misguided about the medical termination of pregnancy, you can consult an online pharmacy to get more information on the procedure and help her understand everything.

Find a source of guidance:

When you buy abortion pills online, the same website may have a team of medical experts to guide you at every step. You can get her to consult online experts and help her follow their instructions. If the website is dedicated to women who are undergoing an abortion situation, they may have a panel to consult women for psychological help. She should be able to share her feeling through the right channel and seek help for the same. To recover from an abortion situation, it is more of emotional than medical assistance. If you can provide her, it’s great! If she is failing to share her feelings with you, you must take her to the right kind of support.

Pamper her:

In such situations, nobody else but you know her more than anyone. If she has had a pregnancy termination, the best you can do to help her bounce back from the unwanted pregnancy situation is by pampering her with things that she likes. Take her to movies, get her favorite food or dance with her!

Set boundaries:

Physical love and affection surely help relieve a woman from stress. However, you must set boundaries in this case! You must know that a woman who has recently undergone a medical abortion cannot immediately have sexual intercourse. Do not get her into such sexual activities which will only cause harm.

If you are dating the same person whom you share an abortion with, you must make efforts to avoid any such situation in future. For this, you must use a condom or get contraceptive birth control pills for her. Preventing an unwanted pregnancy is a responsibility of both partners and hence you must make sure that you have protected sexual intercourse and plan your pregnancy as you are ready for it. Contraception is a big help in such cases.  

People go on a dating so that they can know each other in a better way and they can get an idea about each others personality different aspects. Also during dating both men and women  get proper time to spend time with each other.On the basis of  dating and its experience, women can take a decision whether she should take this relationship forward or not.  And when it comes to dating the same person with whom you share the abortion then such meetings are more helpful to figure out whether you should give him a second chance or not.


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