Education About Abortion and how to educate?


How to educate about abortion

Abortion is a safe and secure way of terminating an unwanted pregnancy either by medication or by surgery. Unwanted pregnancy can cause by improper and inadequate use of contraceptives or no use of contraceptives at all, and less commonly rape. Therefore it is essential to make use of contraceptives, during an intercourse perhaps from an online pharmacy.

What is the need for educating the young generation(especially women) about abortion?

Many of us may feel shy while talking about this topic. Some may even try to avoid it as long as possible. But we need to address this topic to adolescent people as they are the one who needs to be made aware that, even if they find themselves trapped in some situation like unwanted pregnancy, there is a way out.

Adolescents may find themselves in a dilemma, i.e. not able to differentiate between the rights and wrongs and therefore may arrive at some ruthless and negative interpretation about themselves. In case of lack of support and negative comments about the situation may result in severe anxiety disorder, even depression. Also, if a girl gets pregnant at a very young age, there are possibilities of medical complications during pregnancy, like the death of the mother or the baby, or even both. Also, the girl has to go through lots of social humiliation.

So to avoid this, children should be made aware of contraceptives and their proper usage. Access to safe contraceptive pills, emergency abortion pills, and MTP kit should be provided to adolescents and women whenever necessary, all across the world.

How can we educate the younger generation about abortion?

Conduct brainstorming sessions in schools and colleges:

A brainstorming session is a useful resource for getting innovative ideas and finding a solution to a problem. In this session, make children aware of unprotected intercourse, its consequences such as unwanted pregnancy, abortion, how to buy abortion pills, MTP kit from an online pharmacy. Also, correct all the myths regarding an abortion. Encourage the children for communicating and asking their queries.

  1. Arrange an expert session to clarify scientific queries:

Make sure to dedicate ample time to Q and A session during an expert session. This will ensure the meaningful and throughout involvement of listeners. Also make sure that the presentations shown during this are interesting, clear and informative.    

  1. Arranging Quizzes:

  We should also assess the existing knowledge of the students after conducting the two activities mentioned above. The objective behind this score is to provide students with factual information. Some true or false questions may reveal what exactly the student thinks about abortion.

  1. The Worst-Case Scenario:

           It is a great game which boosts critical thinking and team building. In this game, students are divided into groups, given a scenario or say case study, for which the students will think together and come up with a solution. This will help them hypothetically relate to problems like unwanted pregnancy and its consequences.

Abortion should not be encircled as a stigma. It is a needle, safe and legitimate procedure to ensure that one’s physical and mental health remains intact. Nearly every death occurring due to early age unwanted pregnancy and lack of safe abortion methods is avoidable.

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