How to deal with an unplanned pregnancy after marriage

How unplanned pregnancy increase complications after marriage

Though marriage is often considered as the most common reason for an unplanned pregnancy termination, it does not imply that women who are married do not get into unplanned situations. Owing to the fact you can easily get MTP kit online or similar medical pregnancy termination pills, you must understand the delicacy of the uneventful pregnancy situation. This blog sheds light on why women consider a pregnancy unwanted and how they should deal with it after marriage.

Why women have unplanned pregnancy situations?

Ineffective condom or any other contraception can be the primary reason for an unplanned pregnancy. In some cases, the couple forgets to use contraception. Getting drunk and having intercourse is another common phenomenon in young couples. The following reasons explain why some women find their pregnancy unplanned and unintended even after marriage.

Not ready to start a family:

Some women find it too early to begin a family after marriage. Couples expect at least 1-3 years of a gap after getting married and starting a family. The age to start a family is shifting from the early twenties to late twenties.


There are many women who wish to settle in their career even after marriage. Some women even prefer continuing their education after marriage. An unintended pregnancy becomes an additional responsibility in the midst of their career/education struggle.

Financial instability:

Like every other parent in the world, a couple expects themselves to be at a position that can give their future child a stable and comfort facilities along with money for educational needs. If they happen to find too difficult to provide such facilities, they may wait until they get financially stable.

Complications in pregnancy:

Some of the complications in the pregnancy can fatal at times. Conception is a delicate thing which women need to handle carefully. Regular check up and other medical care are necessary for women during their pregnancy period.

How should deal with it?

Speak to your partner:

You must speak to your partner. Discuss with him how this pregnancy will impact their relationship and the future. He will surely understand if you take him in confidence that this is not the end of all. Clear things with your partner. Whatever you feel, you must speak up! That’s how you’ll be able to share things with your partner and clear misunderstandings if any.

Consider all scenarios:

Before you take any decision, be it abortion or continuing the pregnancy, you must consider all possible scenarios. How will your decision change your life in both cases? This should cover the financial, emotional, psychological, family concerns and other priority cases.


Consult a physician or medical experts about your unwanted pregnancy. He or she may explain you the medical scenario and how you can deal with this unintended pregnancy situation.

What should you do abort the unwanted pregnancy?

There are multiple options available with women. Surgical abortion and medical abortion are the two of them. If the gestation of pregnancy is up to 8-10 weeks, the woman can think of medical termination since it allows women to abort their pregnancy at home and gives complete privacy. Speak to your physician regarding this and once you receive the prescription, you can easily buy abortion pills online or from the stores nearby you to get the abortion done at home.

How does the abortion pills combination work to end an unwanted pregnancy?

The combination makes hormonal changes in the body which results in expelling pregnancy tissues from the body. The whole process takes around a week or two. The administration of abortion medication is simple and can be done at home with your comfort. Unlike you find surgical abortion cases where women have to go to a clinic and get the abortion done. This procedure does not require you to go to the clinic.

In this process, women may encounter some intense physical changes such as cramping in the abdominal area and heavy vaginal bleeding. However, women must note that these two are the symptoms of pregnancy termination and without these two, the pregnancy cannot be terminated.

The crampings can last up to a few hours and it is a bit more intense than the normal menstrual cramps. Same is the case for vaginal bleeding. It’s heavier and intense than the normal menstruation fluid. It also majorly depends on the gestation of pregnancy and your body type.

Along with the two important after-effects of medical abortion, there are also a few side effects of abortion pills such as fever and other pregnancy-like symptoms like nausea, headache, sickness etc. The woman recovers from all these side effects once the abortion process gets completed.

Whether you are married or single, an unwanted pregnancy is something that any woman can encounter in her life. One must make sure that they do not face such uneventful situations and hence, physicians and medical experts promote the use of contraception while having sexual intercourse. There may be times when the couple forgets to take condom, birth control pills is a convenient option in such cases.

There’s a need to understand the importance of safe sexual intercourse and family planning. Having said that, one must also educate oneself about the various options available with the woman while dealing with an unwanted pregnancy situation. Medical termination of pregnancy is one of the safest options among all.

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