How do women feel after abortion?

feeling fo through in abortion phase

Be it any method, for any woman, medical termination of pregnancy is a difficult thing to deal with. However, an unwanted pregnancy is something which is even more difficult. An unwanted pregnancy is often unplanned, a result of unprotected sexual intercourse or failed contraception.

Because it is an accidental thing, women are bound to get confused, not understanding how to deal with the situation.

To shed more light on how women feel after abortion, the team went straight to the women who have had terminated pregnancy either medically or surgically. We found that many women feel comforted after an abortion process while others feel nervous for their doing.

One thing which is common among all women is that they all have a sigh of relief as they get rid of the unwanted pregnancy situation.

Views of some of the women we interviewed are shared below.


Going through a medical abortion was a tough phase. Medical abortion saved us as it cut down our future financial struggle. We feel it was wise of us that we decided to buy an abortion pill and end the pregnancy at home.

I felt relieved after the whole procedure. There wasn’t an emotional procedure as such, but I and my husband could not afford to have another member into our family because of our financial barriers.

Continuing the pregnancy would have made it difficult for my growing kids who are already struggling to get what their friends are getting. Though not luxury, we wish to provide our kids with a comfortable lifestyle.


Honestly, I don’t know how a medical termination of pregnancy impacted my life, but I can definitely tell you how an unwanted pregnancy did. The situation was no less than depressive.

When I got to know about my unwanted pregnancy, I felt the whole world blur and could not think of anything else but the unwanted pregnancy and stressful future. The guy who got me pregnant ran away already.

I was 6 weeks pregnant and I spent one week in a depression not understanding what to do. After days of thinking, I finally found the solution of MTP kit online and how I can end the pregnancy using it.


Being a student and discovering that you’re pregnant was totally a bad thought. I am known to be the best performer at my college until the pregnancy news came. The news came only a month before my midterms.

I did affect my studies and practicals. I did not want my pregnancy to affect my midterm exams & finals. Thankfully, I and boyfriend thought a lot over this situation and decided to end it using abortion pills.

I remember that week of undergoing the abortion procedure. Somehow, I managed to take the pills while I was in the hostel.

I took Mifeprex and Cytolog which stopped my pregnancy and I started bleeding within 2 days after the dose. I could see blood clots passing which relieved me knowing that this shall end soon. For me, medical abortion was enlightening. Now, I am very careful about sexual intercourse.

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