Why should you take Mifeprex with Cytolog?

Why the combination of mifeprex and cytolog should  be taken

Medical termination of pregnancy is done through certain abortion pills which end the process within a week or two. Mifeprex and Cytolog is one of the popular drug combinations in the world used for ending an unwanted pregnancy up to 63 days. If you do not wish to buy abortion pills separately, some websites also offer MTP kit online where you get the abortion drug combination at once.

Before you administer the medicines, you should know the functioning of each medicine that you consume. This is to avoid any wrong dosage that may lead to health complications in the pregnancy termination procedure.

The role of Mifeprex:

The abortion medicine Mifeprex holds particular elements which are responsible for detaching the pregnancy from the womb. This a process wherein the components of Mifeprex fight against progesterone hormones in the pregnant woman’s body. It takes around 24 hours for one pill of Mifeprex (200mg) to stop the pregnancy growth and detachment process take place in the uterus.

The role of Cytolog:

Cytolog abortion medicine is responsible for eliminating the pregnancy tissues from the body. Its components make contractions in the uterine lining of the pregnant woman. Due to such continuous contractions in the uterus, the woman begins feeling pain in the stomach and starts bleeding from the vagina.

The bleeding is heavier than the menstrual bleeding and hence the sanitary method changes if you are a tampon user. Medical abortion method requires you to use pads for the bleeding experienced during the process. Since the vagina becomes prone to bacterial infections, a tampon may not be adequate enough to help solve this problem.

Four pills of Cytolog are enough for a pregnancy up to 9 weeks to eject the pregnancy tissues. Women should learn the methods of administering Cytolog medicine. There are two ways.

Keeping it in the cheeks:

This is called the buccal method wherein the four pills are to be placed in both cheek pouches for half an hour. The remainders are to be swallowed after half an hour.

Placing in the vagina:

This is called vaginal method. In this type of administering, the four medicines are inserted in the vagina. They should not fall off until they are completely dissolved in the body. Hence, if you choose this method to administer Cytolog abortion pills, you should make sure that you empty your bladder before you consume the pills.

Both methods are equally effective in the process of medical abortion. You can learn about these methods from your healthcare provider.

Can you take Mifeprex alone?

Mifeprex alone cannot end an unwanted early pregnancy. If you had Mifeprex alone or even Cytolog alone, this can lead to an incomplete pregnancy termination procedure. Neither of the pills is effective enough to bring about medical abortion.

Why do both pills go together?

Both pills are complementary to each other. After you consume Cytolog, the pill makes the uterus empty with vaginal passing. Subsequently, the Mifeprex abortion pill makes way for Cytolog to do its job by detaching the embryo/fetus from the uterus. Hence, both pills play an equally important role in the process of medical pregnancy termination.

Though 1 pill of Mifeprex and 4 pills of Cytolog is an ideal dosage, you should consult your healthcare provider before you buy abortion pills. He may suggest pills as per your health traits and pregnancy gestation.