What happens to your body after an abortion?

Changes take place in body after the abortion

When you decide to buy abortion pills, you should also be aware of the changes that take place in your body after administering the medication. While most of the changes in the body are immediate and temporary, women live a healthy life in the long term. The procedure does not have a direct influence on any health complications that you may face in the future.

This blog introduces you to the immediate changes in your body are an abortion.

Immediate changes:

The first pill in the MTP kit may not show you any immediate changes. However, when

These components are responsible for the uterine contractions occurring in the body. Within 24 hours of taking the pill, women experience painful cramps in the abdominal area. This is a sign that the uterine lining is contracting.

The contractions are also a reason why the uterus expels all pregnancy tissues from the body through vaginal bleeding. This shedding of the uterus can continue from two to seven days.

The bleeding is typically heavier than what women experience during their menstruation bleeding. Therefore, they have to use pads to soak in the heavy blood. Using a tampon should be avoided as the vagina is exposed to bacterial infection during this phase. A tampon or inserting anything into the vagina can increase the risks of infection.

Since your vagina becomes vulnerable during the medical pregnancy termination procedure, your healthcare provider may also tell you to avoid lifting up heavy things, get into intense physical activities such as exercises, gymming, etc.

The side effects of medical abortion are vomiting, nausea and other continued symptoms of pregnancy. Women can additionally encounter health complications such as diarrhea, fever, bloating, etc. All these side effects are short term.

If you took care of your diet and followed the guidelines given by your healthcare provider, you are likely to have a medical abortion procedure that helps you recover soon from the procedure and heal all side effects of the medicines.

You have to confirm the success of medical abortion tablets with a pregnancy test. You could visit your physician or even a home pregnancy test can give you the results of your termination procedure.

Long term impact on the body:

As we already know that the side effects of pregnancy termination medication do not have a long term impact on the body. The procedure of medical abortion does not make you any less fertile or create complications in the future pregnancies. There are many women in the world who have had a medical abortion in the past, yet they conceive with a normal pregnancy.

Women are often warned to use safe medications for their pregnancy termination because if you used ineffective abortion pills to end the unwanted pregnancy, it may result in health complications or incomplete abortion. When you choose the pharmacy for buying medicines, be it a local store or an online one, cross check if the pharmacy is genuine offering safe medications and services.

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