Vaginal administration of Misoprostol

how to insert misoprostol vaginally

The medical abortion regimen comprises of two abortion pills; Mifepristone and Misoprostol. While some women undergo a complete abortion after the administration of Mifepristone itself, most of them require the secondary medication. A single pill of Mifepristone (200 mg)is taken orally with water and is not very troublesome. But, four pills (800 mg) of Misoprostol are required to complete the dose. Moreover, a vaginal administration is considered to be more effective. So, to enhance the success rate of the drugs, it is crucial to know how to insert misoprostol vaginally.


The use of Misoprostol


There are some inevitable symptoms of Misoprostol and it is important to stay prepared for the same. These include cramping and heavy bleeding. The former is often experienced before the bleeding starts. And both the symptoms are much more severe than the regular menstrual periods. Some women also observe clots with the discharge that vary in size and number. To prepare for the aforementioned consequences, they are re required to have enough sanitary napkins or tampons.

A complete abortion is expected within 24 hours of the intake of Misoprostol and bleeding subsides after pregnancy contents have been expelled. Women may, however, continue to face other side-effects like nausea and diarrhea. They must hence add sufficient volumes of non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic beverages like fruit juices to their diet to prevent dehydration.



The most painful symptoms of an abortion occur after Misoprostol. So, it is advisable to begin the regimen when you have no scheduled appointments or responsibilities for the week ahead.

Before inserting the pills into the vagina, empty your bladder. Wash your hands to prevent infections. Insert the four pills one by one and go as deep as you can. It takes about 30 minutes for the pills to be absorbed. It is better to avoid movement and simply lie down during this course of time.


The after-effects

In the time when a medical abortion can be recommended, the embryo is not developed enough to be visible when contents of pregnancy pass. In cases when it is visible, the gestation period is above 60-63 days. Abdominal cramping is crucial to control blood loss. This must, however, taper after a complete expulsion of pregnancy contents.

Medical abortion only temporarily alters the functions of the hormones. So, there exist chances of pregnancy right after an abortion. Refrain from sexual intercourse until a complete recovery or wait till you get a formal clinical assessment done. Be sure to check for birth control information after your abortion.

The nutrient levels in the body receive a plummet and a nutritious diet is essential to replenish them. Avoid heavy exercises and do not assert physical stress to your body in any form.


Visit the clinic if

  • You experience prolonged bleeding
  • You soak more than two sanitary pads in an hour or two
  • You observe high fever with chills
  • Size of the clots in your blood is larger than that of lemons
  • Symptoms of pregnancy do not subside
  • Abdominal pain continues





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