How to go undergo medical abortion while maintaining your health

Dealing with medical abortion and maintain health

Medical abortion is a safe method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks and it is possible to lead a healthy life soon after the medical abortion procedure. Though your physician guides you on how you should be administering the abortion pills, you should also understand how to go through a medical abortion procedure while maintaining your health. Following this can also help you recover faster from pregnancy termination.

Know what to expect from the abortion procedure:

When you have medical termination of pregnancy, there a couple of important hormonal changes that you go through. Following are the changes that should expect while undergoing the procedure. Both these changes are most likely to happen after taking the second tablet, Misoprostol.


The Misoprostol abortion pill causes contractions in the uterus which make you feel intense pain in the stomach. These cramps should go away within a few hours. These cramps are typically more painful than what you experience during menstruation days.


To eject the fetus contents from the body, you experience vaginal bleeding which is often followed after taking the Misoprostol abortion medicine. The bleeding can take place for a week. Some women successfully end their pregnancy within 2-3 days while some take 8 days.

It entirely depends on how your body functions, responds to the medication and which week of pregnancy you are into. In the later period of bleeding, you may observe blood clots which are at times of lemon size.

How can you maintain your health while going through these changes?

  • For cramps, you can apply a heated bag for some time.
  • You should take rest for some days. You are advised not to go to the office for a couple of days. You can consider working from home instead of traveling during the abortion procedure.
  • For bleeding, you should eat foods which would help regain the blood loss.
  • To avoid any kind of infection that may happen you should use maxi pads, not tampons.
  • Also, avoid sexual intercourse for some days.

How should you maintain your diet?

Women who are conscious of their health and diet will without a doubt have concerns related to the food to be eaten during pregnancy termination procedure.

  • Eat light – green veggies, fruits.
  • You can include protein-rich foods such as seafood.
  • Increase the intake of fluids and healthy drinks.
  • Avoid eating foods which are loaded with fats. This may create hurdles in the functioning of abortion pills.
  • If you’re sensitive with any kind of pain, consult your healthcare provider. You may be advised to have certain pain killers.

What are other precautions that you must follow during the abortion procedure:

  • Do not smoke or drink during or soon after you undergo pregnancy termination.
  • Do not have intense physical activities, exercise, lift up heavy things, swim until you are healed from the procedure.
  • If you’re allergic to the abortion pill constituents, you should inform your physician so that he/she can give you medication to treat it.

You should also be emotionally healthy while undergoing the medical termination of pregnancy. For this, you can follow a few tips given below.

  • Speak to your loved ones. Let them what you feel. If you wish to cry, cry once but move on after that.
  • Following your hobbies can be the best of escaping from the stress and anxiety of medical abortion procedure. Read, write, listen to music, pain etc. You can also watch fun movies to light up the mood.

Know when to have medical follow-ups and check-ups during and after the medical termination of pregnancy. Confirm your medical abortion through a pregnancy test.


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