Is Misoprotol Similar To Cytolog?

Similarity between Misoprostol and Cytolog

For a complete medical abortion, one has to have a drug combination of pregnancy termination pills. However, there are so many pills available in the pharmacies that it can be confusing for women as to which abortion pill to choose for ending their unwanted pregnancy at home.

Before you buy abortion pill online, they are advised to do some research as to which pill suits their budget and requirements. The simpler way to deal with this confusion can be to ask your healthcare provider which medicine you should go for in the procedure of medical pregnancy termination.

It is better to be informed of abortion pills options you’re availed with. Following are the different abortion pills, all of which are approved by the healthcare regulatory authorities. Please note the following information cannot replace the prescription given by your physician. This is only for your reference while ending the pregnancy with the help of abortion tablets.





Among the aforementioned medicines, a woman has to take two medications to end her pregnancy medically. Two of the above medicines have the same components white the other two have different components and functioning. Women often get confused if Mifepristone medicine is similar to Mifeprex.

Progesterone is a hormone present in a woman’s body which is responsible for the development of the fetus when the woman conceives. Mifepristone contains constituents which are put to function against this hormone and stop its work. With this, the development of pregnancy ceases.

Mifepristone medicine essentially detaches the fetus from the uterus making it possible for the Misoprostol pill to eject the pregnancy tissues from the body.

In the case of Mifeprex, the abortion pill also holds the same anti-progesterone components whose primary function is to stop pregnancy growth. Even the consumption technique of both medicines is the same. Orally with a glass of water.

Be it Mifeprex or Mifepristone, experts typically suggest one pill of either abortion pill with 200 mg dosage. Both medicines work on pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

Though women are explained that Mifepristone and Mifeprex both medicine are similar to one another, when women decide to buy abortion pills, they have doubts such as (1) Which medicine should be taken when you take Mifepristone? (2) Does taking Mifeprex change the other medicine which is taken during the medical pregnancy termination procedure? (3) does efficacy of drug changes with the change in the anti-progesterone medicine?

To clear the air, since Mifeprex and Mifepristone abortion pills hold the same components, the same functioning even the effectiveness of both medicines is also the same. Additionally, you can take either of Misoprostol or Cytolog abortion pills along with your anti-progesterone medicine.

By this, it means that you can have any of the following drug combinations and they’ll be effective enough to terminate pregnancy up to 63 days gestation.





Consult your physician to know more about the drug combination you’re taking. Follow the instructions given by him/her to get the best efficacy of the product.

After you take Mifepristone or Mifeprex, you may not observe any immediate symptoms of pregnancy termination. In some cases, you may notice slight bleeding and cramping which is not abnormal to find, you can continue the process.

It is after you take Misoprostol/Cytolog that you experience the symptoms of medical abortion- (1) Stomach pain and (2) Vaginal bleeding. You can confirm your status of pregnancy termination 2 weeks after the medical abortion procedure. If you have followed the guidelines of abortion pills, the pregnancy will be ended successfully.