Different abortion procedure: when you can have them

There are two major ways of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Both procedures are safe to perform and abort the pregnancy of the first trimester and second trimester. The selection of an abortion method can vary from person to person depending on the situation. This blog helps you understand the different types of abortion and when you should have them. Medical Abortion: The medical abortion procedure is ending an unwanted pregnancy with the help of certain medications. Medical termination requires abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. When should you have it: If the gestation of your pregnancy is less than 9 weeks. There are many women around the world who choose to buy abortion pills because it allows you to … Continue reading

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How is it safe and effective to buy pills from online?

Online pharmacies today have achieved to establish trust among women through their constant efforts in providing safe and effective abortion pills online. Speak to your healthcare provider to know which abortion pill combination to take for ending your early pregnancy. Along with pills such as Mifepristone, you can buy cytolog online and end your pregnancy at home. This blog gives the reader an understanding of buying abortion medications online and how does it benefit a woman. Search the pills you want: When you search for abortion pills online, you will get results of online pharmacies. You can browse these websites to see which one suits your budget and needs the best. You have to be careful when choosing the website. … Continue reading

How To Get Safe Abortion Services?

Termination of pregnancy can seem difficult to find until you know where to look for abortion services. There are two types of pregnancy termination methods. (1) Surgical Abortion- this has to be performed at an abortion center. (2) Medical abortion- Once you get prescribed abortion pills, you can undergo the medical abortion procedure at your home. Abortion centers in the world: There are very few abortion centers in the world which help women terminate their unwanted pregnancy. Due to limited abortion services centers in the world, it becomes difficult for a woman to find safe abortion services near their house. Since women with an unwanted pregnancy are often found searching for possible options under pressure, traveling around only in the … Continue reading

How many abortions can you have in a lifetime?

Medical abortion and surgical abortion, both are safe ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy. Although pregnancy termination helps to get rid of an unplanned pregnancy situation, it does not give the excess to have unprotected sexual intercourse every time and end it through pills or surgical instruments. There are certain limitations on the number of pregnancy terminations that a woman can have in her lifetime. The rare scenario of a woman getting uneventfully pregnant twice cannot be denied. In such a case, can she end her pregnancy again? How will it impact on her health? Will it have any after-effects on her future pregnancy or fertility? This blog aims to provide information on multiple abortions and how safe they can … Continue reading

How do women feel after abortion?

Be it any method, for any woman, medical termination of pregnancy is a difficult thing to deal with. However, an unwanted pregnancy is something which is even more difficult. An unwanted pregnancy is often unplanned, a result of unprotected sexual intercourse or failed contraception. Because it is an accidental thing, women are bound to get confused, not understanding how to deal with the situation. To shed more light on how women feel after abortion, the abortionpillsrx.com team went straight to the women who have had terminated pregnancy either medically or surgically. We found that many women feel comforted after an abortion process while others feel nervous for their doing. One thing which is common among all women is that they … Continue reading

How Much Can An Abortion Cost? Know The Fact

When it comes to ending an unwanted pregnancy, there are many factors which influence the decision of the method of abortion. The price is one of the key factors which influence this decision since there’s a huge difference in the prices of abortion pills and the cost for a surgical abortion. This blog explores the price factor involved in the abortion process. It further helps women understand how to reach out the safe abortion services at an affordable cost. The cost of surgical abortion: Surgical abortion can be performed in two ways. (1) Dilation (2) Aspiration. Both procedures are invasive ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy where surgical instruments are used. The cost of both surgical abortion types is around … Continue reading

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How soon after an abortion can you get pregnant

Be it an unwanted pregnancy but women often feel skeptical to perform any treatment or medication with their reproductive system with a fear of losing their fertility. Women perform medical termination of pregnancy seeing the circumstances not being in their favor to start a family. This may be a safe unwanted pregnancy solution, however, they wish to conceive again when they’ll be ready for a family. In all this process, the ultimate question that prances over their head- Can I get pregnant after an abortion before your period. The answer is yes! This blog explains how and when can you get pregnant after a medical abortion. How does medical abortion impact your future pregnancy? When you buy abortion pill online … Continue reading

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What is the best age to get pregnant?

Contraception methods indeed help have protected sexual intercourse and avoid an unwanted pregnancy. However, women more than 90% of women wish to start a family at some point in their life. You need to learn when should be the right time to stop using your contraception and start trying to get pregnant as your age will indeed have an influence on fertility. You need to note that even if you have had MTP kit in the past to end your unwanted pregnancy, the medical abortion procedure does not have any impact on your future pregnancies or even the fertility. This blog explains which is the right age for you to get pregnant and which is the phase when you’re most … Continue reading

What happens to your body after an abortion?

When you decide to buy abortion pills, you should also be aware of the changes that take place in your body after administering the medication. While most of the changes in the body are immediate and temporary, women live a healthy life in the long term. The procedure does not have a direct influence on any health complications that you may face in the future. This blog introduces you to the immediate changes in your body are an abortion. Immediate changes: The first pill in the MTP kit may not show you any immediate changes. However, when These components are responsible for the uterine contractions occurring in the body. Within 24 hours of taking the pill, women experience painful cramps … Continue reading

Why should you take Mifeprex with Cytolog?

Medical termination of pregnancy is done through certain abortion pills which end the process within a week or two. Mifeprex and Cytolog is one of the popular drug combinations in the world used for ending an unwanted pregnancy up to 63 days. If you do not wish to buy abortion pills separately, some websites also offer MTP kit online where you get the abortion drug combination at once. Before you administer the medicines, you should know the functioning of each medicine that you consume. This is to avoid any wrong dosage that may lead to health complications in the pregnancy termination procedure. The role of Mifeprex: The abortion medicine Mifeprex holds particular elements which are responsible for detaching the pregnancy … Continue reading