How To Increase Sexual Desire For Your Partner

How to grow Sexual relationship with partner

Reproduction is never the only reason for intimacy being important in a relationship. Your sexual desire is good for individual emotional help and boosting your healthy relationship. On the other hand, low libido can disturb the relationship increasing stress in you two. Following are some tips that would definitely help you your sexual life to lift up your low libido.

Removing sexual block:

Try understanding your partner’s mind. The following can be the possible reasons for your low libido.

Earlier traumatic sexual experience

Performance anxiety

Being told that intercourse is sinful and dirty

All these are sexual blocks which refrain your partner to get involved in the intimacy and enjoy the time. Your sexual relationship can be connected and blissful feeling.

You could consult an authorized therapist to talk about your anxieties or whatever problems you’re facing regarding sexual intercourse.

Reconnecting with your body:

The new young generation today is all caught up with technology all day and it indeed affects their health. Your disconnection from the real world can affect your sexual life as well. Being busy all the time mislays our interconnection, as a result, our sexual desire can also get decrease with increased fatigue and lost bond with our body.

To connect with your body, you could do the following things:

Travel / Long walks accompanying your partner

Get Massages (If possible from your partner)

Masturbate more often

Hot bath with good music

This might give some time to the intimated you who will feel better with its retrieved sexual confidence.

Befriending orgasm

Orgasm seldom helps you concentrate on the sexual activity rising up the sensual mood. Besides, orgasm makes you relaxed. The love hormone distresses your body and entices your nerves to vigorously getting intimate with even more energy.

New stimulation and novelty in your bedroom:

When you have had intercourse with your partner on a regular basis, you certainly know your partner’s moves. Your partner may also repeat the same moves for a long time because of your constant positive response to their strokes. In such a case, too much predictability may kill the excitement. It’s time you need to change the mood and guide your partner to do something different. Mix things, do something new for your relationship, play it differently.

Safer intercourse:

Unsafe intercourse can be one of the reasons for your low libido or change in the sexual desire. Indulging in protected intercourse is very important in such cases. Use a condom during the lovemaking, you could also buy Ovral or similar birth control medications for safer intercourse.

Sexual satisfaction plays crucial important in other areas as well. It increases your confidence, helps you live a stress-free life that leads to a sense of happiness. If you’re facing problems with low libido, it is something you shouldn’t neglect as it affects your lifestyle. Consult someone or take into account the aforementioned tips for a healthy sexual life.


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