How Abortion affects men too

How Medical abortion impact men too

Sexual intercourse is a mutual process, abortion should be even. Profound communication with the partner, irrespective of the gender must be on the list. Supporting females on the choice is acceptable only when its mutual.

If any of the partners don’t support the step, mutual consultation followed by backing would make the process bearable. Often it is best to tackle unwanted pregnancy through medical abortion. In fact, recent times have made it easier to buy abortion pills online. As it greatly reduces the primitive stress that the couple has to bear. MTP kits are also options where the couple can opt for abortion, after hours of pregnancy being detected.

Men have been equally affected by an abortion as compared to women, just the signs of it have been inundated! Some of the expressive outcomes have been listed as such.

They feel guilt! : Men at times have a profound way of expressing the guilt, they smile. Usually, they feel responsible for the abortion. The unwanted pregnancy which caused the abortion has been implanted by them as unprotected sexual intercourse was on the list. Men have the idea not to use condoms, as a result of which there are chances of the partner getting pregnant which leads to abortion at a later stage, causing them to feel the guilt.

Frustration for being financially Unstable: Raising a child is not easy. The couple who plan to have a child always focuses on a future that is stable. As the word gets, men are expected to be the pillar in such situations. So when an abortion occurs, they feel that they are the sole cause for such disasters. It is to be noted at times that a decision has been taken by both, so securing the child’s future is an action that has to be taken by both of them. Reciprocating the situation on a man, just adds a torment that is silent but prevailing.

Sexual Dysfunction: Often abortion has a severe mental effect on the male partner. Due to tremendous grief and blame, he loses the confidence of a normal relationship with his partner. This greatly affects his sexual health. At times, men due to the fear of past abortion process have sexual dysfunction problems. They feel the whole process of sexual intercourse may result in the death of an innocent life.

Drug addiction/dual life: Masculine image is often destroyed when a man portrays his feelings about abortion (what we think!). Especially if he is emotional about it. Often this results in severe trauma that leads to substance addiction and a dual life that is out of normal. Men in fear of losing the image of toughness often decide to withhold their views to the world regarding abortion. It greatly affects the mental health and they seek pleasures from dependence on alcohol or drugs.


Abortion is seldom a grief, it’s a process that harvests tribulation on both the sexes. Irrespective of how a man reacts about abortion, most of us think that they have a strong sense of justice and are less prone to emotional or disruptive stress.

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