What are the advantages of buying abortion pills online

Benefits in buying abortion pills online

Though medical abortion is an important issue, there are many women who are still unaware of online consultation and online pharmacies which provide abortion pills like Mifepristone or Cytolog to all women across the globe. The combination helps women get rid of unwanted pregnancy which is up to 8 weeks of gestation.

Easily reachable

Medical abortion medication is unavailable in many parts of the world. Many a time, people travel to different countries to get the needed treatment for their unwanted pregnancies. Women seeking abortion medicines often have to go miles to find medication center and in this, their gestation period crosses 8 weeks and hence increasing the complication of pregnancy termination.

Online consultation, on the other hand, helps you easily buy the abortion medication sitting at home. It eases the process of purchasing the abortion pills at home.

Online consultation

There are a number of medical experts from all across the world who are associated with various online consultation websites. You can buy abortion pills online from many such websites where you find online consultation plus medication at once. This helps experts in understanding you better and give a proper consultation based on the medication you’re buying and the experiences shared with them.

Saves money

Most of the websites offer abortion pills at affordable price if compared with pills available offline. Moreover, you don’t even have to spend on travel as the pill arrives at your doorstep. Speaking of medical and surgical abortion, medical abortion is much cheaper and easier way of terminating an unwanted pregnancy identified at an early stage.


Unintended pregnancy and abortion are quite sensitive and private issues. Many times, women do not feel comfortable while sharing their feelings and experiences with doctors/physicians. However, when you get an online consultation and purchase abortion pill, you do not actually see the person and hence you get the experience of communicating with a virtual doctor. This makes it easy for you to share all the experiences or medical history with online medical expert and get the right direction to your abortion procedure.

Whenever we buy anything online, we thoughtfully study the website and then only choose the products. Same should be the case for buying pharma products or medications online. See if the website is trustworthy, go through their reviews, speak to their medical expert team and only then make your purchase decision.

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