How to boost libido with Diet

Food and Libido

Problems in sexual desire can have a negative impact on the relationship. This blog explains how you can increase libido through a natural diet. Also, this blog sheds light on how some foods can have a negative impact on your sexual reproductive organs, thereby affecting your sexual desire.

Can dieting affect your libido?

Long answer short, Yes! Dieting can indeed have possibilities of affecting your libido. Though there are many reasons for lower libido, dieting is one of them. When you burn more calories and the actual calorie intake is low, it negatively impacts your energy. This eventually leads you to a catabolic state and the level of testosterone in your body drops.

For women, when low energy level does not boost you to have sexual desire and it makes you rethink if you wish to get pregnant during such time. Coming to the bottom line, dieting can have a greater impact on how your sexual desire if you did not balance your calories and energy level.

What foods make you more sexually active?

Natural Aphrodisiacs:

Some of the aphrodisiacs help figs, avocados and bananas boost more blood flow to the reproductive organ areas. This way, fruits or drinks loaded with vitamins and minerals are a great help to increase sex drive in women.

Vitamin C foods:

To increase blood flow to your genitals red peppers, oranges and broccoli, and guava.

Iron-rich foods:

Low iron levels can affect arousal, lubrication, and sexual desire eventually affecting an orgasm. Iron-rich foods and dark leafy veggies is a great help.

Collagen-rich foods:

When your body lacks collagen production, it can have a negative effect on skin health. This reflects in the erection of the penis in men. The level of collagen foods naturally gets reduced. Whereas protein found in connective tissues and other skin tissues widely used in collagen-rich foods help regain the tissues.

The collagen supplement powder, Vitamin C foods can again help maintain the collagen balance.

Sweet Potatoes:

Potassium and vitamin A in form of sweet potatoes or yams is never a bad choice if you wish to increase your libido.


The phytonutrients such as lycopene citrulline or beta-carotene are rich in watermelons. This aids the person to ease its blood vessels. The fruit may not help to the extent as a medication would help. Having said that, it can be a great help in the bedroom with no negative effects involved, eventually helping you to enhance your libido naturally.

Nutmeg and clove:

Nutmeg and clove are always a healthy choice in any case, but it especially helps in improving the libido of men and women with their anti-oxidants components.

Dark Chocolate:  

Phenylethylamine and serotonin are something which is released in your body when you eat chocolate. This is one of the reasons why eating chocolate lifts your mood.  Such chocolate consumption also helps in lifting up your sexual desire real quick than other natural foods would ever do. One must make sure that the consumption of sugary chocolates is not hight. Dark chocolates or low-sugar chocolates are recommended for libido improvement.

Brazil buts:

The selenium level found in nuts is pretty high enough to maintain the testosterone levels in men. Its consumption may not boost your libido but it surely gives its needed contribution.


Almonds are again a great source of selenium. Along with this,  it also has zinc and vitamin E with quality minerals and healthy fats which improve the health of the reproductive system.


Dehydration in the body causes many side effects which indirectly also affect sexual desire in you. Not just to increase your libido but also for your overall health and to maintain your energy, it is always recommended that you keep yourself hydrated. Not only will this help maintain your libido naturally but also help you avoid headaches and vaginal dryness in the body while keeping you away from possible fatigue.

What foods kill libido?

Trans fats and fried foods:

Food items which are loaded with trans fats never help you if you are planning to have a sexual intercourse night at any stretch. Increased consumption of trans fatty acids can result in abnormal production of sperms for men while for women, it can affect the gestation of pregnancy.

Processed foods:

Processed foods contain Chemicals which impact sexual performance in a negative manner.

Poor Quality protein:

At times, when you consume poor-quality protein such as factory-farmed meat, it contains antibiotics and hormones which cause hormonal imbalance in the body.

Sodium rich foods:

Canned foods or processed foods generally contain a high level of sodium which leads to high blood pressure. As a result, the blood flow passing to the sexual reproductive organs gets reduced.

Conventional Dairy:

Cow’s milk typically has the possibilities of containing synthetic hormones in its dairy products. These hormones can negatively affect the estrogen and testosterone levels.


Generally, a high sugar level affects the hormones which are drive sexual desire in you. In a recent research report, it was found that an extremely high level of sugar in men affected their testosterone levels. As a result, the libido level and energy had drastically decreased in them.


If you happen to have a high intake of caffeine on a daily basis, it gradually begins affecting your sexual performance in the bedroom.


For many couples, alcohol consumption is a great way of initiating sexual intercourse and arousing your partner to have sexual intercourse. This is indeed true because the antioxidants present in alcohol drinks such as red wine makes the blood vessels increase eventually impacting the blood flow and arousal areas. Owing to the fact, over consumption of alcohol can negatively affect the couple with a decreased sexual arousal, desire or sensitivity.

Sexual health is equally important in couples life as just any other thing. So with proper diet you can increase your libido level and make your life exciting.