How soon after an abortion can you get pregnant

how long does it take to get pregnant after an abortion

Be it an unwanted pregnancy but women often feel skeptical to perform any treatment or medication with their reproductive system with a fear of losing their fertility. Women perform medical termination of pregnancy seeing the circumstances not being in their favor to start a family. This may be a safe unwanted pregnancy solution, however, they wish to conceive again when they’ll be ready for a family.

In all this process, the ultimate question that prances over their head- Can I get pregnant after an abortion before your period. The answer is yes! This blog explains how and when can you get pregnant after a medical abortion.

How does medical abortion impact your future pregnancy?

When you buy abortion pill online or from the local stores, you get one medicine consisting of anti-progesterone elements along with 4 medicines with prostaglandin components. These medicines make hormonal changes in your body. They stop your pregnancy from developing and separates the fetus from the womb.

The uterus begins shedding soon after you take both medicines. The cramping and bleeding after you consume the abortion medication are known to be the symptoms of medical pregnancy termination. You have to consult a doctor in case you do not experience any of the symptoms.

As you complete the pregnancy termination procedure, you also experience some side effects during the phase. This can include the continued symptoms of pregnancy or other after-effects such as diarrhea, fever, headache, vomiting, etc. To make the process with fewer side effects, you should take precautions and follow the guidelines of the medical abortion procedure.

Be it the symptoms of pregnancy termination such as bleeding or its side effects, all are temporary in nature and do not affect your health in the long term. Hence, the procedure of medical abortion does not have any impact on your future pregnancies.

How long does it take to have a period after an abortion?

It’s after 14-15 days that you confirm the pregnancy termination and efficacy of abortion pills. Women typically recover in 2-3 weeks from the procedure. Women can take 2 months to get back to their normal menstrual cycle.

If you have followed the instructions and guidelines given during the medical abortion procedure, you’re most like to heal from the procedure early and get menstruation within 30 days after the procedure. However, women must note that it is normal to get periods after 2 months.

Women can get pregnant as soon as they heal from the procedure and get their first period. That’s why healthcare experts advise women to use contraception if they wish to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

If you wish to start a family and get pregnant again, speak to your doctor, understand your ovulation period and try getting pregnant. The procedure of medical abortion will not have any impact on your fertility or the quality of eggs. It remains the same as it was before you terminating the pregnancy.

There are many cases of women getting pregnant soon after having a medical abortion. Any of your previous pregnancy terminations do not bring complications to your future pregnancies. Hence, if there’s an issue during the pregnancy or delivery, women should not try associating the complications in their future pregnancy with the previous abortion cases.

Your healthcare provider may suggest you not to have intercourse or be careful when having sexual intercourse during your later pregnancies. Due to your previous abortion cases, sexual intercourse during your later pregnancies can create problems during delivery or may have an impact on the baby.

Though medical pregnancy termination procedure is considered a safe method of ending an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks, it is advised that women use contraceptive methods and have protected intercourse. Couples need to be educated about family planning and safe sexual intercourse practices.

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