Debunking myths about fertility after abortion


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A common question that occurs to women is if they can choose to get pregnant in the future, after an abortion. The answer is yes! Especially in the case of medical abortion, chances of a wound in the reproductive system or any permanent physical damage are negligible if proper protocols are followed. One must also ensure that they buy abortion pills from a safe local or online pharmacy.

The proponents of anti-abortion ideologies make false claims that spread as rumors. There prevail myths about fertility after an abortion that may bother you in the decision-making process. A lot of women choose to end their pregnancy to prevent health risks or due to unfavorable economic conditions. In these cases, worrying about future pregnancies may bring about anxiety and only add to the burden of emotional pain. They must thus be able to distinguish between myths and clinical facts.

  1. The hormonal changes caused by the abortion pills is permanent

False! The tablets used in the abortion pill regimen, namely Misoprostol and Mifepristone, do function on a hormonal basis. But it is not an effect that lasts for a long time. The functioning of the regular hormones is only temporarily inhibited and the menstrual cycle is reset in a period of 4-8 weeks after a successful abortion.

2. Sexual intercourse is painful after an abortion and you may not be able to conceive again

Definitely not true. You may expect this in the case of a surgery where the sharps used may cause cuts or minor injuries to your cervix making an intercourse painful. But medical abortion is a non-invasive way of terminating a pregnancy and there are no chances that you may be caused any physical damage that can lead to pain in the future. You are only advised to refrain from it until recovery because the dilated cervix and vagina after an abortion is highly sensitive and inserting anything into these parts may increase the chances of an infection

3. Abortion may cause mental disorders like chronic rage or depression

A lot of people believe that the mental status after an abortion would render them incapable of bearing a child in the future. There has been no evidence that the components of either pill can directly lead to any of the specified disorders. It is rather the circumstances that can cause them. This refers to cases in which the woman does not receive enough moral support. If the woman has chosen to undergo an abortion in a private setting alone, she must consider reading about what to expect (mentally and physically) from the regimen of abortion pill online. This will help her stay prepared to face any adverse situations.

4. Abortion is linked to breast cancer

No! This has, in fact, been a hot topic for research. Breast cancer is known to be caused by fluctuations in the level of certain female hormones. But there has been no concrete evidence that the hormonal basis of abortion pill functioning can lead to breast cancer. Results from experiments, instead, show that the breast cancer risk is equal for people who have never undergone an abortion.

However, one must understand that there are risks associated with every medical procedure and they should understand it completely before going through it. The above-specified facts are true only if you haven’t undergone multiple abortions. A weakened body is highly vulnerable to negative effects.