PCOS: Does It Results In Abortion?

Women with PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) generally have lesser chances of pregnancies than other women. Even when they get pregnant, they are more likely to have complications in pregnancy. Abortion is one of many. Before we move further, understand that there’s a difference between induced abortion and normal abortion ( miscarriage). Today, it has become easier to find abortion pills online and get an unwanted pregnancy terminated. However, this is called an induced abortion. Women with PCOS are prone to miscarriage which is natural abortion. Such pregnancies can health concerns for both, the mother and the child. Some of the health risks can be fatal leading to deaths. The following points explain the risks associated with pregnancies in women … Continue reading

What are the benefits of taking abortion pills?

Before you take any decision on an unwanted pregnancy and select a method for the pregnancy termination, you must study every method to understand its efficacy and how it would impact your health. Surgical abortion and medical abortion are the two types of pregnancy termination. This blog shall introduce you to the advantages of medical abortion. Drug combination such as Mifepristone and Cytolog is widely used to end an unwanted pregnancy. In the digitally advanced world, women can easily buy abortion pill online and administer them at home to end an early and unwanted pregnancy. Following are the advantages of taking abortion pills to end your unwanted pregnancy: Maintained privacy: Medical abortion can be performed at home once the woman … Continue reading

What are the advantages of buying abortion pills online

Though medical abortion is an important issue, there are many women who are still unaware of online consultation and online pharmacies which provide abortion pills like Mifepristone or Cytolog to all women across the globe. The combination helps women get rid of unwanted pregnancy which is up to 8 weeks of gestation. Easily reachable Medical abortion medication is unavailable in many parts of the world. Many a time, people travel to different countries to get the needed treatment for their unwanted pregnancies. Women seeking abortion medicines often have to go miles to find medication center and in this, their gestation period crosses 8 weeks and hence increasing the complication of pregnancy termination. Online consultation, on the other hand, helps you … Continue reading

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Preventing infections that may be caused by the abortion pills

An induced pregnancy termination through pills is shown to suit about 98% of the women who take it up. This efficiency is partly dependent on the quality of the medication and partly on the woman’s use. One must buy abortion pill from a trusted supplier for maintained standards and also follow the protocols specified by the medical practitioner or healthcare professionals. Despite these precautions, every woman stands a minor risk for infections in the upper half of the reproductive tract from the pills. This may include infections in the uterus and fallopian tubes capable of leading to secondary complications like infertility. Antibiotics administered at the time of abortion will be able to lower the risk. Why are infections caused? There … Continue reading

What is sexual intercourse after a medical abortion like?

Abortion is a stigmatized women’s healthcare topic. One discussion that gets lost in this meddling is what you need to know about sexual intercourse after an abortion. It is important to understand and learn more about lifestyle in the post-abortion phase so that you don’t worsen your situation instead of improving it. You shouldn’t resume intercourse soon after the procedure Medical practitioners strictly advise that you must wait until a complete recovery before indulging in intimate acts after a medical termination of pregnancy. If you read about the abortion pills online or educate yourself through books, you will be able to gather that the female reproductive system is highly sensitized after their administration. So, it will make a woman highly … Continue reading

Irregular periods after an abortion?

The abortion regimen is a hormonal play. It takes about 2-4 weeks for the female hormones to reach their normal levels and for the menstrual cycle to become normal again. The symptoms of abortion may thus last for up to this time. It is hence very confusing for a woman to understand the post-abortion menstrual cycle. She may very often consider spotting within this time frame to be her periods or may also be faced with irregular periods for extended durations after an abortion.   The following explanation may be able to resolve your worries. When can I expect my first period after an abortion? Abortion bleeding may last until complete expulsion of pregnancy contents. This may be intermittent spotting … Continue reading

When Will I Start Bleeding During My Medical Abortion?

  Bleeding is the first visible sign of your abortion. It tells you that the process has begun. It also indicates if the medication is working like it should. There are two abortion pills in the regimen. So it is important to know at what point in the course you can expect bleeding to start.   Which abortion pill causes it? The two drugs, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, work in synergy to bring about a complete abortion. The inner lining of the uterus thickens to support pregnancy. The former drug ruptures it. The implanted embryo is thus separated from the uterus. It can no longer develop.  The function of Mifepristone is also referred to as an anti-progesterone activity. This is because … Continue reading

Did you know that the ‘Abortion Pill’ Is Actually 2 Pills?

  What are the two pills? Mifepristone, the primary medicine, is more often recognized as RU-486. It is the abortion pill that primes the uterus in the course of pregnancy. There has been extensive research to study the effects of this drug and its effectiveness as a part of the abortion pills regimen. Mifepristone is sold under various trade names like Mifeprex and Mifegyne while also being available in other generic forms. One can also buy Mifepristone online. The secondary medication in the regimen is a prostaglandin. The most widely used one is Misoprostol. The combined therapy of Misoprostol and Mifepristone is the most studied one. However, these abortion pills are only advisable in the first trimester starting from the … Continue reading

What All Complications Can Be There In Pregnancy?

Each pregnancy carries its risk. However, better prenatal care and support can help reduce those risks. Factors such as age and overall health status can grow a female’s chances of undergoing complications during pregnancy. Woman can buy abortion pills to terminate her early pregnancy, if she finds it complicated. For a number of reasons pregnancies can be complicated. At times female’s existing health condition contribute to issues. On other hand, new conditions take place because of the hormonal and body changes occurring during pregnancy. Miscarriage: Miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The reasons for miscarriage are not always aware of. A number of miscarriages take place in the first trimester that is … Continue reading