What Are The Different Types Of Medically Prescribed Abortion?

What-Are-The-Different-Types-Of-Medically-Prescribed-AbortionWhen you buy an abortion pill online, there are multiple abortion pills option that you see on online platforms. Too many options can confuse anyone who does not have enough knowledge of the medical abortion procedure.

This blog helps you understand what the different types of abortion pills available in the market are and which ones you should consider for your abortion process.

As everyone knows, when we say abortion pill, there’ no single medication that ends an early pregnancy but two. For a successful medical abortion, a woman has to have a combination of any one of the antiprogesterone medicines and anyone of the prostaglandin medicines. The details for the same are written below.

Anti-progesterone medicines:

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These medicines work against hormones that grow pregnancy in the uterus. The anti-progesterone is the first pill in the medical pregnancy termination procedure, which is taken on the first day. Women can take it orally with a glass of water.

The medicine dissolves in a few hours and starts functioning. Not only does it stop the development of the fetus, but it also separates the pregnancy from the lining. As a result, it makes it easier for prostaglandin pills to remove pregnancy tissues from the body.

Women may or may not experience anything after taking these pills (bleeding and cramping). In both cases, they have to continue taking the next pill as instructed by the healthcare provider.

Prostaglandin medicines:


Prostaglandin is an important element that works to bring contractions in the lining of the uterus. With contractions being made in the lining of the uterus, the pregnancy tissues get shaken and finally get removed through heavy vaginal bleeding.

The consumption of these medicines is quite simple. There are two methods, both of which are equally effective.

In the first method, you drink some water and then keep the four pills of prostaglandin medicines in the cheek pouches. You keep the medicines for half an hour and gulp down the remainders later. In this method, you only have to ensure that pills are not falling off if you vomit.

In the second method, the abortion pills are inserted in the vagina. So you urinate before you consume the pills. This is because you cannot urinate once the pills are inserted in the vagina. You can sit down, squat, or find any other position wherein you can easily reach your vagina. Insert the pills one after one and let them slowly dissolve in the body.

As said before, once the pills are dissolved in the body, they start functioning within 24 hours, and you experience intense cramping and bleeding.

For a successful medical abortion, pick any one of the first group medicines along with four pills of any one of the second group medicines. Whichever combination you choose, the result for them is going to be the same. It is because all the first medicines have the components, and all the second group medicines have the same components. Hence, they are perfect alternatives to each other.

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