Why Does Your Vagina Itch During Night?

reason for vagina itching

It is not funny if you have an itch in your nethermost regions. Itching in the vagina at night can occur suddenly and keep you awake for an hour. There are several different causes of vaginal itching such as yeast infections or personal care products you may be using. It might be a symptom of something, which you need to show to a healthcare provider.

Causes of vaginal Itching at night:

It’s midnight and the only thing you wish to do is sleep. You just want that vaginal itching to stop. Prior you can find an effective solution for this, you must understand the cause. Diverse things require different treatments. Following are a few of the causes:

When you buy abortion pills to end your unwanted pregnancy, the vagina gets exposed to bacterial infection. Hence, your physician will tell you not to insert anything into the vagina during this process. If you happen to insert something into the vagina it can cause vaginal itching and may such problems post-abortion. To avoid any such complication, you must follow the instructions and do not insert anything into the vagina during a medical abortion.

1)      Vaginal Thrush:

Additionally known as vaginal yeast infection, it is resulted by a fungus known as, Candida Albicans. It is the vaginal area’s a normal fungal infection. Yeast thrives in moist and warm places and actually isn’t due to unhygienic.  In fact, your vaginal area may be very clean and healthy bacteria, which keep the yeast in check. The problem of itching can get worst at night when you dress warmly.

Other Signs: Redness to the area, cottage cheese like discharge and burning with urination. Some people even complain about odor like‘yeast’.

Treatments:  Treatments for vaginal thrush include antifungal medicines, probiotics to balance the vaginal “good bacteria,” wearing only light cotton underwear, eating yogurt and clothing during the day and to bed at night.

2)      Lichen Sclerosus:

Lichen sclerosis can cause itching near vaginal area due to the irregular skin surrounding vulva, nearby the anus or vagina. It is not thicker than normal skin and likely to happen in patches. If you sweat at night, it may annoy these patches of skin and cause nighttime itching.

Other signs: Soreness in the area, pain during sex, white spots that are thinner than normal skin, skin tearing of the thin areas, vaginal itching during the day and night.

 Treatments: The condition may resolve with time on its own, or you can try steroid creams to diminish inflammation and itching, ultraviolet light treatments, or creams to lower the immune system response.

3)      Bacterial Vaginosis:

At times, when the vaginal pH is improper there may emerge a minor bacterial infection. The moment when the infection takes place, you might observe that there’s more itching during the night as the discharge stays in the vagina when you lie down. The irritation gets more while sweating if you are unnecessarily cozy at night. Same is the case if you have had lovemaking before sleeping.

Other signs: Copious amounts of discharge, which is grey or yellow, fishy odor, and worsening signs after sexual intercourse.

Treatments: Antibiotics are the only way of treatment. Few cases may clear up on their own, but it’s always useless to treat a bacterial infection promptly.

4)      Hormonal changes:

Low estrogen in the body possibly leads to changes in the vaginal area. When estrogen level falls, the tissues in the walls of vagina start atrophying or drying out. This causes itching throughout the day or night, particularly after intercourse. Most probably, it is because the vagina doesn’t get lubricated properly and that can lead to inflammation. Atrophying in the vagina is commonly seen during 35 and 60 age, in the course of perimenopause and menopause stages.

Other signs: Burning, spotting, agony during sex, dry vaginal tissue.

Treatment: Estrogen replacement therapy, herbal plant-based remedies, and commercial lubricants.

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