Abortion And Modern life


The way society looks at women and abortion has changed lately in many parts of the world. It continues to change the picture in the other parts of the world as well. Today, women can easily find MTP kit online to end their pregnancy. Even the reasons for abortion have changed over a period. We’ll see why modern women buy abortion pills and perform a medical abortion to end their pregnancy.

Changes in the reasons for doing abortion due to modern lifestyle.


As the case in earlier days, education to women had become an ignorant element in many countries. After fighting for many years, women got their education rights and today, women have been a step ahead in their education. This has had an impact on their sexual relationships. A woman who is pursuing education take the decision of medical abortion if she gets into an unintended pregnancy situation. In such a scenario, medical termination of pregnancy is a suitable option as they can undergo the procedure at home.     

Career Priorities:

Formerly, women used to give more importance to starting a family and parenting. With the increasing importance given to education, women have also begun their stories of howling success in the career life. In an unwanted pregnancy situation, women buy online abortion pills and administer them at home to end the pregnancy without disturbing their career and business life.

Changed parenting expectations:

Simple as it has always been, today’s children live a simple life but in a modern lifestyle. Almost every couple today wishes to provide all the modern facilities and care to their kids. For this, the definition of financial stability has changed over a period. Couples wait and plan their family until they are completely ready with enough money to provide a stable and fulfilling life for their future kids. If the woman happens to get in an uneventful pregnancy situation, the couple prefers ending the early pregnancy than doing injustice to the kid.

Life Partner unsure:

Earlier, the women were financially dependent on their partners, due to which, they usually had to live their life on their partners’ terms. Recent times have seen financially and emotionally strong women who are capable of making decisions about their partner and their life. And hence, women do no continue their unwanted pregnancy if it is from someone they do not look up to as a life partner.

Why medical abortion has been in practice more often in recent times?

Women have begun understanding the importance that there’s need to talk about abortion openly. In fact, there still remain a large group of women who cannot openly talk about unwanted pregnancy and pregnancy termination. Such women end up taking unhealthy abortion measures to end their unwanted pregnancy.

On the other hand, many online pharmacies have started taking operations to educate women about medical abortion, especially after FDA approving Mifepristone, Misoprostol and a few other tablets to aborting an unwanted and early pregnancy.

This has motivated women to talk about their choices, their plans, and healthy sexual life. Since medical abortion can be performed at home, the modern woman can maintain privacy and still share their stories through online platforms.  When women buy MTP kit or similar abortion pills, they safe end an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks. This has reduced the number of fatal cases of women dying of complications in abortion practices.

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