5 reasons why women choose abortion

Causes of abortionAbortion is not endorsed in many communities or even certain regions as an entire. Medical termination of pregnancy is particularly stereotyped over the globe. But, there are certain circumstances under which the MTP kit may be really useful deeming abortion as the most practical choice.

When the mother’s health is at risk

Pregnancy may lead to several complications in specific cases where maternal health should be held at top priority. These complications may even be life-threatening. In such cases, abortion, indeed, is the only choice. The problems may be related to the physical or mental health of the mother. Some common ones include infections of the reproductive tract, high blood pressure situations, or suicidal tendencies.

There may even be other health conditions that can be aggravated by pregnancy. With an abortion, the life of the woman can be saved.

When pregnancy results from a crime like rape

Pregnancy is a potential result of sexual assaults. In these cases, instead of treating the woman as guilty or shameful, she must be availed reproductive care. If detected with a pregnancy, an abortion might help her part ways with the agonizing situation.

Sexual violence is common in the world. Crimes like rape are not even necessarily committed by an outsider. Apart from showing support through legislative measures, people must also work on making health care facilities more accessible. This includes reducing friction in buying medication like abortion pill online and 24×7 professional guidance. Although a woman may need to consult a physician for the prescription, she can undergo the process of pregnancy termination in a comfortable setting like her home.

When the child born is predicted with disabilities

A woman must think practically. If the child is born with extreme disabilities, he may not live a life of an acceptable quality. Instead of letting a person suffer for life, it is a more practical choice to end the pregnancy if such a case is detected at an early stage.

These disabilities may include physical deformations or even underdeveloped mental capabilities. The decision of an abortion in such cases is extremely difficult but is also the most practical one. One must consult a healthcare expert to make a well-informed choice of an abortion method.

When the woman’s social status is not stable enough to support the child

A woman and her partner may not be financially stable to support a child. She may be too young to cope with a child or may even not be ready to expand the family with a second child. In such situations, many women may choose an abortion. It is always wise to wait for the right time to start a family.

If pregnancy is detected at an early stage (within 70 days of conception), it can be dealt with the non-invasive method of medical abortion. Women can buy abortion pill after having consulted the doctor. She may avail the pills from the same doctor, an online pharmacy or even a physical pharmaceutical store.

When the pregnancy is unplanned

An unplanned pregnancy is another common reason why most women choose to end their pregnancy. This may result from a contraceptive failure like tearing of the condom or skipped birth control pills. A pregnancy can also be termed unplanned if resulted from intercourse when either partner was not in complete consciousness,

A missed period in sexually active women can be seen as the first measurable sign of pregnancy. In such cases, women must take up pregnancy tests to confirm. They can then buy abortion pills to rid themselves of the pregnancy.


In a very rare number of cases, a pregnancy may result without penetrative sexual intercourse. In all situations, a woman must rely on clinical assessments to confirm the pregnancy and even for the prescription of reliable abortion methods.

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