Advancements in the Technologies Have Made Abortion Safer

  Pregnancy terminations, although a controversial topic of discussion, remain a significant choice for women of child-bearing age. People who choose it must be known the health risks endure, even if over 40 million procedures were performed worldwide in recent years. Therefore, changes to methods that correspond with modern medicine have lessened the health risks endured by females who choose to end their pregnancies. Thus, the risks faced during subsequent pregnancies have diminished considerably. Researchers found that there was a 15% growth in the odds of preterm birth linked with each preceding abortion. Remarkably, there was an 18% growth in the odds of spontaneous preterm birth for each previous abortion; however no connection between preceding abortion and the risk of … Continue reading

How to Find out whether you’re Pregnant or Not

A basic, home pregnancy test is the most precise indicator of pregnancy accessible. In addition, physical changes may indicate the early stages of pregnancy. Not every woman has these early changes, also having one or more symptoms do not necessarily mean you are pregnant. However knowing ordinary indications can help you recognize the changes you may experience in the dawn of a pregnancy. Determine the signs:  a) Consider your actions: Naturally, a woman needs to have sexual intercourse to get pregnant, though not necessarily penetration.  There are many things that will play a vital role in determining if you are pregnant, such as: Having intercourse without condom Failure or malfunction of condom Missed birth control pills Other things that put you … Continue reading

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How Should You Use “Combination Birth Control Pills”?

‘Combination birth control pills’ are oral contraceptives that are composed of a combination of two synthetic female hormones called the progestin and estrogen. The pills may however differ by themselves according to the levels of hormones contained in each brand of pills. For e.g. Many women get Loette pill, which contains a low dosage of levonorgestrel and ethinyloestradiol, which are the future derivatives of progestin and estrogen respectively. When you start using the contraceptive pills, you must make sure you have understood how you should start taking the pill and what to do when you forget a dosage or two. How should combination birth control pills be used It should be noted that the below given tips are meant as … Continue reading

How Can You Prepare For An Abortion?

Women may be feeling very upset and frightened or probably a sense of relief that you have or are about to choose an abortion. It may be you want to know what happens next. You need to prepare yourself, depending upon the kind of abortion you will be having- medical abortion or surgical abortion. If you decide to go for medical abortion, you can buy abortion pill kit online or at local pharmacy in advance. For both the procedure, you might need support afterwards. Ask your partner or any person you trust to help you after you have the abortion. Before an abortion: Prior to have abortion get your pregnancy confirmed through an ultrasound scan. It helps to show the … Continue reading

5 Necessary Things That Can Help To Discuss an Unplanned Pregnancy with Your Spouse

  A pregnancy, which is unplanned, is a bombshell that causes you to experience many different emotions. You are anxious as well as frightened about the possibility of having a baby. You might be unaware as how to tell your spouse. Before having conversation with your spouse, you need to work through your own feelings. With a frank and honest discussion, your spouse and you can make a decision that is best and safe for your family. Confirm that you are pregnant: Prior to running through different scenarios in your mind, be 100% sure that you are pregnancy. You can make use of home pregnancy test as it is convenient and very accurate. If your pregnancy test result detects positive, … Continue reading

Contraception Advice For After an Abortive Procedure

One of the most popular method of contraception in the modern history has been “the pill”. Technological advancements and medical discovery advancements have bettered the oral hormonal contraceptive suitable for consumption. The levels of estrogen and progestin hormones and their derived generation versions have become more tolerable to the human body. Its ease in consumption and efficacy have made oral contraceptive favorable for all. Yet, one of the most leading cause unwanted pregnancies is reported to be due to contraception failures. This is most likely due to error is usage which includes missed dosage. Contraception after an abortion As per a recent study, more women buy abortion pill now than opting for a surgery. Even if the overall abortion rates … Continue reading

Access to Abortion Assists Women in Many Ways

In western society abortion is considered as one of the most divisive social issues and has been so for years. When faced with an unexpected pregnancy it can be tremendously hard for few women to make their mind up what is best for themselves and those around them. For other women the situations of their lives and the pregnancy make the choice more clear-cut. Termination of pregnancy is one of the decisions that women may make. If you are thinking about an abortion you are not alone: It is predicted that about half of all pregnancies in a country is unplanned, along with that up to one in four women will prefer abortion in their life span. These women include … Continue reading

Not Every Woman Chooses Motherhood, and that’s Absolutely OK!

‘Just because you are blessed with a uterus doesn’t mean you need to use it’. Being a woman, we are taught that parenthood is a natural state to which we should all pursue. Beginning the role playing with dolls to yearning of becoming grandmothers, pressure to produce offspring can be persistent. What is done for a growing figure of women who are urging not to be traditional? Majority of women today buy abortion pills to choose a childless life. The number of such females has increased than ever before. As per the research in European and the U.S. countries, 1 in 5 western women will end their accouterments years without conceiving, compared to 1 in 10 just 30 years ago. … Continue reading

Reasons Why Women Should Be Pro-Choice

Every female have a unique reason to be pro-choice. Women are pro-choice because there is no such reason that they need to face all the consequences from things she haven’t done on their own. Providing a woman with more options like abortion pills puts her on more equivalent footing with men, instead of being somebody of whom they can take advantage. Additionally, it should be believed that it will be best for an infant to be unborn than to be born hated to a mother who is forced to have him/her, the reason she has no choice, and not because she desires to have the child. The solitary most significant factor for women’s advancement in society is your ability to … Continue reading

Victory of Abortion rights, 2016: Supreme Court

The conservative leadership in Congress, along with every member of their presidential candidates, opposed women’s right to safe and legal pregnancy termination. In spite of political association, majority of Americans supported access to safe and legal termination of pregnancy. Strikingly, Republicans in the House of Representatives had voted 11 times in the existing Congress to limit women’s access to health care like contraception and to buy abortion pill. It is believed that every woman should be able to make her own decisions regarding her pregnancy. It should be completely dependent on her whether to end it, without judgment, harassment, shame, or intimidation and indeed without any political interference. Abortion barriers: Today, the 43rd Anniversary of Roe V. Wade reminds us … Continue reading