Is It Necessary To See A Doctor For Birth Control?

When you normally want to get a birth control, be it for whatever method- Loette contraceptive pills or an IUD, you usually go up to a doctor answer a few questions about your health or medical history then leave with a prescription. However, a growing number of apps and websites are trying to change that situation by making it possible for women to get birth control prescription without actually having to go through the trouble of visiting a healthcare professional. According to a leading newspaper, at least six and more apps and websites from private organizations and NGOs give women prescriptions to birth control pills and other methods, which are written by doctors, after the women answer all their health … Continue reading

Breast Feeding During a Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a process, which ends pregnancy using Mifepristone & Misoprostol. A huge amount of women experience this process because they already have children and do not wish to expand their families, or do not have the capacity (physical/financial/emotional) to take care of another one. A percentage of these females are those who are going to have the medical abortion method, while they are still breast feeding as a result of previous pregnancy. Even if there haven’t been studies on exact how the anti-progesterone agents affect the lactation, there have been several studies on the amount of anti-progesterone present in the milk. The study: drug levels In the study, 12 females went through a termination using abortion pills provided … Continue reading

How to Skip Your Period Using Birth Control Pill

  A menstrual period, for some females, can be experienced as a slight inconvenience; still it can also be a major health concern for others. The use of contraceptive pills provides you the choice to: Choose when and if you want to become pregnant while also, Allowing you control when and if you have a period. Study shows that if given the option, most females would prefer extended periods. Majority of females may have medical reasons for wanting to skip a monthly cycle. The most ordinary reasons that are given by females for skipping their periods are cramps, painful periods, headaches, PMS and heavy bleeding. Other female just don’t want the hassle of having a period, possibly they have a … Continue reading

Avoid Invasive Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Pills

Abortion pills (Mifepristone & misoprostol) are used to abort pregnancy that is within 10 weeks gestation. Majority of women can resume with everyday routine within few days of pregnancy termination, however may experience slight bleeding until a month later. It is recommended that the drug combination is taken to result a successful abortion. If there is miscarriage in between doses, then ultrasound scan of uterus will decide on the further treatment, however the scan is done immediately after 14 days of the medicine regimen. The chances are very rare, but incase, if the drugs fail, then the person is asked to undergo surgery to remove an embryo. What are the ways of using Misoprostol drug? Some females buy abortion pills … Continue reading

Induction of Miscarriage by Self and Abortion Pill Management

Every individual must have an independent and not an influenced decision for her pregnancy, be it termination or otherwise. The process of ending pregnancy is vital, and private to female. For some then option could be simple, for others it might include thinking and hard call. To abortion, female can buy abortion pills and use them to stop pregnancy in a matter of two weeks or less. The pills are effective method in disallowing pregnancy from developing, and eliminating it from vagina avoiding the invasive method. It is crucial to understand use of the medications that end an intra-uterine pregnancy up to 10 weeks of gestations. The pregnancy calculates as per the days from first of menstrual cycle to the … Continue reading

Tips for Safely Storing the Birth Control Pill

The birth control pill, similar to most prescription medications, requires being stored safely to maintain integrity and efficiency.  You may feel keeping your pill pack in your purse or in the bathroom cabinet is the ideal solution; however those two places could be the worst options for storing the tablet. Before you buy birth control pill, it may be essential to rethink how to store the tablet carefully. The most common threat to contraceptive tablet integrity is temperature; however humidity also plays a vital role. Nearly all contraceptive pills suggest storage in-between 68°- 77°. The Bathroom: You might feel that the bathroom cabinet is safe place to store the medicine.  In fact, the bathroom cabinet is one of the worst … Continue reading

10 Ways Your Body Will Experience Change after an Abortion

Just as a woman’s body goes through change after pregnancy, it also goes through various changes after an abortion.  Going through a pregnancy termination is difficult mentally as well as physically. Around 15 million of women around the world go through abortion for various reasons. Be it by abortion pills or by surgery, there are some changes after the procedure that may or may not happen to you. Swollen breasts One of the major transformations a woman goes through in pregnancy is swollen and tender breasts. It is something similar to a PMS stage for a woman. Even after the pregnancy is terminated, it will take a while for your breasts to return back to normal. You can use loose … Continue reading

Unplanned Pregnancy- Know What You May Be Walking Into

There are three million unplanned pregnancies in the U.S. each year. It is crucial that you seek accurate and unbiased information and unplanned pregnancy help. The following links for complete information on the steps you need to take as well as finding out tips on making the decision about adoption, parenthood, and abortion. Did my birth control fail? If your period is delayed, you may be beginning to wonder if you could be pregnant. Another question that you may have could include: What if you are pregnant? What do I do if I have an unintended pregnancy? Did my birth control fail? When will I know, and how can I tell if I am pregnant? Learn about the female reproductive … Continue reading

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Birth Control Apps Every Modern Woman Needs!

At this day and age, whenever there seems to be question about something, the usual answer is ‘isn’t there an app for that?’ The realm of birth control too, is no exception to today’s’ technology. On seeing this apps, it is obvious, that these birth control apps are not only fun but helpful and entertaining as well. Besides, there are so many options to choose from as well! Be it simple yet funny reminders to take your birth control pill or informative apps, these are intended to help as well as entertain you. It must be noted that these apps are not to be used in lieu of a doctor’s advice. These are the following types of contraception apps that … Continue reading

Many Women Use Abortion Pill to Have Self-Induce Pregnancy Termination At Home

There have been number of debates on this topic. Many are unaware whether it is safe to abort at home or not? The answer is yes; women can buy abortion pills online and can safely abort at home through administering the pills by her-self. Being a women’s choice whether to do abortion or keep pregnancy, she also has a choice on how to carry out the abortive procedure which is best convenient for her. Females can even visit the clinic to get the procedure done, however it is untrue to say it is unsafe to perform at home. In fact, females have better control over the process as she is performing it privately. It is not required that the medication … Continue reading