How to get rid of period cramps at home


How to get rid of period cramps at home

Menstrual cramps result from uterine contractions. These movements facilitate the expulsion of the thickened uterus lining through the vaginal opening. But every body is different. So, while some women get through periods with almost no physical stress, the pain is debilitating in some.

If you’re curled up on the bed looking to ease your pain, one of the following methods is sure to help.


Try massage and compression


Acupressure impacts the nervous system and also promotes robust blood flow to various organs. It is a holistic health technique and can be used to dampen physical stress due to periods too. The pressure points to help you relieve abdominal pain during menstruation are

  • The space between your thumb and the index finger
  • The area between the calf and tibia muscles
  • The tailbone region
  • The region below your belly button
  • The centre of your pubic bone and the sides

Using heat-pads

Heat also works to promote blood flow in the body. Using hot compression at regular intervals keeps the pain under control. It can also be used to enhance the effect of pain medication.

A regular 30min massage routine

A 30min massage twice a week has shown to have an influence on PMS and abdominal cramping during your menstrual cycle. A regular massage routine keeps mood PMS under control and also has a long-term pain-relieving effect. This routine can include kneading the lumbar and lower abdomen areas. Using essential oils for this massage also


Eat the right foods

What to grab

  • Vitamin D rich food items to replenish the levels after blood loss
  • Foods with high Magnesium content to aid nerve and muscle functioning
  • Fish oil for Vitamin B1
  • Hot beverages like herbal teas or warm food for comfort to your stomach

What to avoid

  • Caffeine
  • Excess salt
  • Junk food


Exercise is known to be beneficial in a lot of ways. But this may really be the last thing you feel like doing during your periods. If you do gather the strength to begin working out, you’ll know that it is an immediate mood-booster along with being a great help in reducing the pain caused due to periods.

Endorphins released in the body after a workout routine are the substances that function to improve your mood. Bloating, cramps, headaches and back pain are all tapered after exercising. A single session can involve some cardio, glute lifts and pelvic tucks or simply yoga!

Are your sleeping positions, right?

Do period cramps keep you up at night? Here is a solution to get some good night sleep. Research shows that sleeping in the fetal position relieves the stress on the abdominal muscles and comforts you during sleep. Avoid lying on your stomach as this may elevate the pain and leakage during sleep.

If none work, turn to medication

Over the counter tablets that contain ibuprofen like Advil and Motrin are shown to be effective for pain relief during menstruation. These can also be used in combination with heat-pads to speed-up the process. It has further been noted that a typical birth control pill regimen also serves to reduce period-induced pain.

You may have to consult the physician for prescribed medication you are facing severe menstrual cramp or bleeding is too heavy as these may be signs of a reproductive health problem.