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woman Sheralton Cooper
My girlfriend did the abortion pills about two weeks ago. We got the double pills. Because she was far along. She got very ill from the double first dose. I was out of town in Mississippi, therefore I was not able to be around her. But once she took the remaining pills, the process started and she was able to pass it through her body. We will give her a test this weekend to make sure she is no lon....Read More

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11 Aug 2020

MTP Kit by Kiara Skemp

MTP Kit The pain is very tough you can sleep without pain killer but its really better than cuts and anesthesia. Go for it...
11 Aug 2020

Mifeprex by Jade Cazaly

Mifeprex Mifeprex is the best abortion pill so far. It works really as said.Despite of nausea, cramping and bleeding i did not feel any side effects or complications...
11 Aug 2020

Generic RU486 by Jessica Cremin

Generic RU486 Thanks for informing me about the side effects. I kept all the required things with me so i would not face any difficulties...
10 Aug 2020

Cytolog by Maddison Paget

Cytolog I had ordered the Misoprostol pill which comes in a brand name Cytolog to terminate my unwanted pregnancy. it is a really effective medicine for abortion...
10 Aug 2020

MTP Kit by Mikayla Romano

MTP Kit I started with Mifepristone. The following day I felt good, But I started to feel dizzy, light-headed, cramping and bleeding became severe. I saw clots and I think I already discharged the pregnancy sac. Called the medical practitioner to confirm whether to take Misoprostol. The response was yes (to get everything out). So I took them orally. After 15 minutes the cramps got severe to a 9/10, I got shaky, moaned, had cold sweats, and blurred vision. I was in solid pain for about 45 min. But after that my abortion got completed...
10 Aug 2020

Mifeprex by Sue J. Harris

Mifeprex This abortion pill named Mifeprex is really worth each money. You get a safe abortion at home within an affordable budget...

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