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woman Sheralton Cooper
My girlfriend did the abortion pills about two weeks ago. We got the double pills. Because she was far along. She got very ill from the double first dose. I was out of town in Mississippi, therefore I was not able to be around her. But once she took the remaining pills, the process started and she was able to pass it through her body. We will give her a test this weekend to make sure she is no lon....Read More

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21 Sep 2020

Mifeprex by Thilde Nordin

Mifeprex As per the information mentioned on the website I ordered the kit from this website. Finally, the kit arrived on time thanks...
21 Sep 2020

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit) by Marta Berg

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit) Great experience and facilities. I am very happy with the services.
19 Sep 2020

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit) by Mirabelle Faure

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit) I was not ready to choose surgery and I had just crossed 8 weeks of gestation. I wanted to go for medical abortion only so I took 2 packets of MTP Kit because my gestation crossed 8 weeks, however, after taking the 1st pill I did not feel anything and after 24 hours I took the second pill and I waited as I had in my mind if the first MTP Kit does not work ill follow with the dose again. But after 6 hours I observed contractions and light bleeding which became heavier afterward. The bottom of the line is medical abortions are effective just be careful and follow the correct procedure...
19 Sep 2020

Mifeprex by Veronika Knapkova

Mifeprex If you are scared that others will come to know about your unwanted pregnancy and abortion then don’t worry. Medical abortion is there to save you and help you end the pregnancy in privacy...
19 Sep 2020

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit) by Isabel Holden

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit) Because of Covid-19, I was scared to go to the hospital so I thought of buying the abortion pills and ending my pregnancy at home safely. Thanks for the safe delivery. I will now take the pills as said...
17 Sep 2020

Mifeprex by Samantha Landor

Mifeprex Hola! I found my Mifeprex pills on this website. They are very effective. I got the result in just one intake. Thank you so much. I appreciate it...

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