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Julie from Italy

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I recently had a medical abortion and I can really say that it was both emotionally and physically pretty stressful.

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Plan B

Plan B Plan B

Had intercourse without using a contraceptive or the condoms malfunction, perhaps you missed birth control doses several times? Do not fear, you can still prevent pregnancy by using emergency contraceptive Plan B (has synthetic Levonorgestrel and Progestin). It contains two medicines, which are taken at a gap of 12 hours, soon after unprotected sex within 3 days or 24-72 hours. After 3 days use, renders the medicine ineffective. The pill stops pregnancy by disallowing ovulation, fertilization, and implantation. The product has zero risks to birth defects or pregnancy troubles later, and is an essential means to control pregnancy.

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Plan B Pill - Working

A person may not follow a regular contraception method. In case of unprotected intercourse or malfunction of a contraceptive, the female can still prohibit pregnancy by taking help of Plan B medicine.

  • The tablet needs to be taken within a day or three from the sexual activity for reliable result.
  • Similar to other oral birth control pills, this product distrust fertilization by cervical thickening and inability of sperm fertilizing egg.
  • It ceases ovaries from releasing mature eggs, and stops implantation by thinning uterine pregnancy lining.

Plan B Pill - Dosage

Plan B is recommended to be consumed orally within 72 hours or 3 days from unprotected intercourse. The earlier it is taken, the better are the results. One tablet from the pack is to be ingested. Normally, this contraceptive is used for family planning, other birth control methods are not available, or a pregnancy prevention technique is suspected not to work, etc.

Plan B Pill - Side Effects

The medicine gives best and safest prevention to pregnancy if taken in time. It may produce some minimal side effects such as nausea, abdomen pain, headache, dizziness, heavier or lighter menses, hot flashes etc. But, these effects are tolerable.

Plan B Pill - Precautions

  • Do not use Plan B if allergic to the tablet components or having a history of lipid disorders, heavy or abnormal bleeding, and cardiac/liver/kidney diseases.
  • Delaying emergency contraception beyond 3 days of intercourse may not protect against pregnancy. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking during medicine course.
  • Do not take the medicine if already pregnant, or with another hormonal birth control, until recommended for so by a healthcare professional.

When and Who Can Buy Plan B?

Women can purchase the emergency contraceptive from our website, provided there is no pregnancy, or the person is at least 18 years or over. For queries or information on any other products, contact our customer care at email or live chat.