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woman Linda
My name is Linda. I want to share my abortion experience. I took an abortion pill four years ago when I was 24 years old. I was at the peak of my career. I got pregnant. I did not understand what to do. I shared this story with my friend, with whom I got pregnant. He backed off. I was unable to make a decision. I shared my issue with my close friend Elisa. She suggested going for a medical abortio....Read Full Story

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Plan B

Plan B
11 Sep 2023

by Hans Leuschke

Plan B serves as a secure choice to have on hand when no other alternatives are accessible. If your boyfriend or husband consistently uses condoms, this option may not be necessary, but it\'s a precautionary measure you can keep with you, just in case.

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20 Aug 2023

by Naomi Blevins

Thanks to Abortionpillsrx. I read its blog and started using Plan B birthcontrol pill and since then I am away from unwanted pregnancy. Thanks again.

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14 Aug 2023

by Kenyatta Adamson

Thanks for the ever-encouraging support and care. Plan B emergency contraceptive took care of my unplanned pregnancy protection needs.

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06 Aug 2023

by Megan Williams

The Plan B pill has fixed my life by safeguarding me from pregnancy. Thanks for stepping in as emergency help.

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04 Aug 2023

by Shirley J. Hunter

Plan B is not a necessity if you do use birth control properly. But having it with you will assure you a trouble-free moment just in case you forget the condom.

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25 Jul 2023

by Heather Eagle

I have protected myself from pregnancy so far with birth control methods. But Plan B has been the best in terms of emergency contraception.

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