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woman Linda
My name is Linda. I want to share my abortion experience. I took an abortion pill four years ago when I was 24 years old. I was at the peak of my career. I got pregnant. I did not understand what to do. I shared this story with my friend, with whom I got pregnant. He backed off. I was unable to make a decision. I shared my issue with my close friend Elisa. She suggested going for a medical abortio....Read Full Story

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Plan B

Plan B
24 Feb 2018

by Nizy

Thank you for the Plan B. My boy friend and me had no protection and I was scared of pregnancy so early. My parents also not convinced for my marriage yet. So I ordered pills early. I got the delivery in a given time. Also, advised me to take the pills in 12 hours gap by Allen one of the experts in live chat. It is pleasant to have your service.

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04 Nov 2017

by Lorena W

Over the course of years, I have found that it is best to keep emergency contraceptive with you. There have been two incidents where I had forgotten birth control pills. So now every now and then, I order Plan B from this website and keep a stock at the ready.

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01 Sep 2017

by Nancy

Plan B is such a powerful emergency birth control. After unprotected intercourse, I was so sure that I would be pregnant, but I wasn’t yet ready to give birth. So, then I used this birth control pill the day after, and kept a regular check to confirm if I got pregnant. And, the result was negative. Was happy to know that. Great product.

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26 Apr 2017

by Hazel R, UK

I do not always take emergency contraceptive Plan B, but this time it came handy. I had missed my regular birth control pills due to an incident, which made me quite dizzy to remember anything. Like I said, emergency birth control just saved me from an unwanted pregnancy. And I could not have been more grateful to the site, for original products!

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19 Apr 2017

by Melanie Fink, bavaria, Germany

Danke, dass du mich während des gesamten Vorgangs meiner Bestellung unterstützt hast

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06 Apr 2017

by Lois J. Paulsen, Australia

I had bought the Plan B pack from this website some one month ago just in case. Well, I am glad I had it when one day I realized that I had forgotten to take a birth control pill, while my boyfriend had just spent a night. Quickly I took the Plan B and waited with bated breath. I got my periods after one week and I felt like I could breathe again.

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