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Kristen J. Cole
This is to tell everyone that abortion is not always regretful. Sometimes such experiences are enlightening and tell who your people are! Wonderful it is to discover that my boyfriend left me alone in this vulnerable situation. No, seriously! It made me stronger. I decided not to cry anymore over spilled milk. It was my best friend who helped me to come out of this situation. And it is so so flatt....Read More

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Mary C. Gilmartin

It’s been a year since my abortion but recently the thoughts of my experience have been winding back in me and I think it’s really time for me to be open about it. Thank you for allowing me to share my story here with nobody really knowing my identity exactly. I also hope that this provides some support to other women who’ve been in my shoes.

Last year was my final year of education. I was proud to be among those people whose peers looked up to them. Even my professors trusted me with a lot of responsibilities. I was on the core committees of various events. In one of them, I met a guy and we soon began having day-long conversations. I thought we had a high emotional connect and did not think twice before saying yes to a date with him. But I think we took it ahead real fast, so much that I started being negligent with everything else I was involved in. Never did I know that my life has taken such a wrong twist, until one day I found out that I was pregnant. Of course, as a student, I couldn’t have expected my boyfriend to take up this responsibility. But I at least expected him to support me in making a decision. He just chose to end it with me there. When I began contemplating, I realized how bad I messed up. I did not wanna share this with anyone in college and become a laughing stock. So, I rather chose to be quiet about it. If I knew something, it was that I needed medical help!! I frantically turned on my laptop and started with typing “abortion pills online” hoping for some good solution!

Never did I actually believe that these services could be available online till the time I landed on this website while looking up abortion on google. After that, I spoke to the live chat guys, did some research on the pills and finally chose to buy MTP kit online from here. It all went well, and I cannot thank god enough for guiding me out of the situation that I’d created. I also learned a lesson that I’ll remember for life. Today, I’m working with a reputed company and like to call myself an independent woman. That experience has really empowered me and I know that I can take some crucial life decisions on my own.