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Kristen J. Cole
This is to tell everyone that abortion is not always regretful. Sometimes such experiences are enlightening and tell who your people are! Wonderful it is to discover that my boyfriend left me alone in this vulnerable situation. No, seriously! It made me stronger. I decided not to cry anymore over spilled milk. It was my best friend who helped me to come out of this situation. And it is so so flatt....Read More

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Julia G. Wilson

In all the rules and regulations, I must say that humanity is lost somewhere. So many controversies! But I think this site gives a ray of hope to every woman out there. I am writing my story. Some of you may sympathize, but I’m over the incident. I just want women to take their health into their hands and realize that there are many options they are unaware of. When I found out about my unplanned pregnancy, I was just 21 and in despair already!!! Not only did I realize how stupid I was being hooked up with random people but I also realized that I was probably super dumb and knew nothing about how to take care of my own health. Only when this realization HIT me did I take my phone and begin a random google search. At first, it said that I must take up another pregnancy test to be “sure”. I must say that gave me good hope but alas! I was actually pregnant. That was the first time I even went to the gynecologist without my mom. She said that I was 5 weeks into it already. A flashback of what happened last month did run through my mind again, but this time it did not make me happy. I went back to my only support, google. What I found was that I could buy abortion pills online. But how do I know which one to buy? How do I know if online pharmacies were safe? Thanks to this website! I was pretty convinced, it had good reviews and I just thought its time I make a decision. Thankfully they had decent payment and shipping options. I could make a payment. But it totally ran out of my mind that the product will be delivered to my place! I panicked at that point. I had noticed the live chat option and I just decided to ask them if I can get the delivery somewhere else. They said that the packaging will be fine and I need not worry. My parents weren’t home when the parcel came but then it was so good that they wouldn’t have known anyways. I had to miss classes for a few days, make stupid excuses for my parents and friends, but in the end, it all went well. I went to the same gynecologist two weeks later and I was SO DAMN happy when she said that I was no longer pregnant. Now I lead a much simpler life than I used to, but I am happier than I ever was. Lesson learned!

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